FCS Express: Histogram Subtraction

Hopefully, when you are analyzing immunofluorescence data, there is a large difference between your control and positive population, and it is easy to distinguish between them. When the positives and controls are close together, the process of dividing positives from negatives can become less of a science and more of an art. FCS Express helps you put the science back again.

In 1988, Roy Overton dealt with the issue of mathematically teasing apart positive and negative populations (Cytometry 9:619-626). FCS Express implements his solutions with a few clicks of the mouse. Simply tell FCS Express which file is the sample and which file is the control and FCS Express will automatically calculate the percentage positive by four different methods, allowing you to see how the analysis technique can affect your results.

In addition, you can specify a control histogram on your plot and have our statistics automatically calculate, directly on the plot, the percent positive.