FCS Express: Regression Analysis

FCS Express enables the calculation of regression fits directly from your gates and statistics. Regression formulas can easily be fit using Scatter With Regression plots or by entering data into Data Grids. You can overlay a regression with the click of a button with Scatter with Regression Plots, or as many fit lines as you wish onto a Scatter Plot.

Most importantly, your regression formulas, line fits, and analysis can all be linked directly to your data allowing you to view changes to your regression analysis in real time as gates and data are adjusted. See the images below for a few examples of regression analysis in FCS Express.

Example 1: Linear regression using MESF beads.

The linear regression above was created from a series of calibration beads.

Example 2: Sigmoidal Curve Regression.

The dose response curve above was calculated with FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry for a nuclear translocation image data set. If shows the percent of translocated cells in each row of a 96 well plate.