FCS Express Image Cytometry

A Flow Cytometry Analysis Environment for Image Cytometry Data

Digital Microscopy and Image Cytometry are rapidly evolving technologies in research, high-content screening and drug discovery. However, with imaging managing your analysis results and images is a daunting task...

Managing images, multi-parametric data sets, and image analysis can be overwhelming. This is particularly the case when drilling down to cell level data and reviewing information for single cells..

De Novo Software now offers a dedicated image analysis and reporting package for Image Cytometry to improve your workflow and results while giving you access to single cell results even with high content screening data.

Are you:

  • Using microscopy and generating images and extensive numerical data with no link to your original images?
  • In need of additional reporting tools for Amnis data?
  • Tired of managing the multi-parametric results in separate Excel™ spreadsheets?
  • Frustrated with cell-level results that require working only with averages per well or condition?
  • Wasting a lot of time cutting pasting final results and images into PowerPoint™?
  • Ready to leverage the power of sub-population image analysis in Image Cytometry data and facilitate report generation?
  • In need of 21 Part 11 CFR compliance for you Image analysis data sets?

FCS Express Image Cytometry Brings Everything Together in One Easy Package...

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Useful For a Variety of Image Cytometry Applications

Research, High content screening, Digital Pathology or Histology... They all benefit form using a flow cytometry data analysis strategy for your imaging data. We have multiple image analysis Applications Examples and image segmentation pipelines for CellProfiler as well as ImageJ Macros for exporting your ImageJ analysis.

Compatible With A Variety of Image Data Formats and Imaging Systems

FCS Express Image Cytometry is compatible with a growing list of image data file formats. CellProfiler, ImageJ, ImageXpress Velos, Chemometec, and Nexcelom are just a few. We are constantly working to be compatible with additional formats. Please Contact us if your desired format is not supported. We may be working on it, or can add it to our list. See our Supported Image Formats.

Improve Your Workflow and Enjoy Significant Time Savings

With FCS Express Image Cytometry you combine data processing and image analysis with report building in a single package. Eliminate the redundant data processing steps you now perform in Excel, and create PowerPoint presentation with a click of a button. Work with your images and multi-parametric data dynamically in FCS Express and then simply export a report in the format you desire. Learn More

Ideal for Research Imaging, High Content Screening, and Routine Image Cytometry

Whether you are analyzing cells from several or thousands of images, FCS Express Image Cytometry can manage your data. Use batch processing and reporting to process entire High Content Screens. Try the High Content Module for using Heat Maps. Learn More

Easy to Use and Learn

If you use Microsoft Office™ Products you are well on your way to being an FCS Express expert. Conducting analysis and generating complex report templates is as easy as using Word™, Excel™ or PowerPoint ™. Learn More

Already Using FCS Express Flow Cytometry Software?

Odds are you also use image cytometry in your research. Why not use the same software to analyze and present your imaging results? FCS Express Plus combines all the features of FCS Express Flow Cytometry and FCS Express Image Cytometry in a single package at a discounted price. Learn More

Our Imaging Partners

Learn more about the companies we have collaborated with to make image and data import easy... Learn More

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