FCS EXPRESS: Flow Cytometry Application Examples

Flow Cytometry Applications Examples

FCS Express is one of the premier tools for analysis and reporting of your flow cytometry data. The application examples below illustrate how FCS Express can be used to create stunning reports while easily performing complex analysis. Jump to Image Cytometry Applications.

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Cell Phenotyping

Phenotyping of cells is a common application in Flow Cytometry. FCS Express provides a way to conveniently report all cell type subsets, calculate custom statistics, and display data in bar charts for visualization.

Download the PDF version of the Cell Phenotyping layout, or open the published layout with the free FCS Express Reader to see what FCS Express can do for your analysis.

Clinical Reports and Analysis

Clinical labs depend on FCS Express for sophisticated, yet easy to use flow cytometry analysis tools. Powerful custom statistics and reporting capabilities makes analyzing data in FCS Express efficient for any clinical professional.

Download the PDF version of a clinical-style report in FCS Express, or open the published clinical-style report layout with the free FCS Express Reader to see what FCS Express can do for your analysis.

Stain Index

Stain index is easily calculated in FCS Express by using the stain index function from the Custom Tokens dialog. Simply drag and drop statistics from your plots or tables to enter the positive and negative median values for the formula as well as the negative population standard deviation. Once complete, the custom token for Stain Index will update in real time as gates or data change in your analysis. View our Stain Index information page for more details on how and why to use the Stain Index metric.

View our example Stain Index data in FCS Express using the free reader, a demonstration download, or your current FCS Express license. You can also view the layout as a PDF.

Cell Cycle Statistics and Reporting

One of the earliest applications of flow cytometer was the measurement of DNA content in cells. The analysis is based on the ability of certain dyes to stain cellular DNA in a stoichiometric manner and DNA content histograms require mathematical analysis in order to extract the underlying G1,S, and G2 phase distributions.

The seamless combination of the Multicycle AV plug in and FCS Express allows for quick modeling and fast reporting of your cell cycle data. Download the PDF version of the layout, or open the Cell Cycle Statistics & Reporting layout with the free FCS Express Reader.

CBA Analysis and Reporting

Download the PDF version of the Layout: CBA Reporting in FCS Express.

Cytometric Bead Array / Analysis facilitates measurements of soluble and intracellular proteins using flow cytometry.

FCS Express allows quick analysis and reporting of cytometric bead assays through the use of live updating regression plots and statistics.

High Content Analysis and Reporting

The High Content Add-on for FCS Express allows you to plot any plate based analysis in heat maps, derive plate and well based statistics, and use well gates to isolate wells, groups of well, and populations of interest.

Download the PDF version of the High Content Analysis layout to see how easy it is to report your high content results in FCS Express, or examine the High Content Analysis & Reporting layout in more detail with the free FCS Express Reader.

High Content Analysis With Dose Response

FCS Express compliments any high content system by providing easy to use software with robust reporting, statistical, and batch processing features. FCS Express works at the plate, well, and single cell level and can generate dose response curves that update dynamically as gates are adjusted.

Explore the layout using the free FCS Express Reader: Dose Response Assay or download a PDF version: Dose Response PDF.

Image Analysis in a Flow Cytometry Environment

The Nexcelom Cellometer Vision allows the user to quickly acquire imaging data for a variety of standard assays including Apoptosis and report the data in a Flow Cytometry environment.

Your multi parameter imaging data can now be easily analyzed in FCS Express and expanded upon using all of the tools and features FCS Express has to offer. See for yourself by downloading the PDF version of the layout: Nexcelom Apoptosis Assay PDF or by using the free FCS Express Reader: Nexcelom Apoptosis Assay. Please visit our Nexcelom Partnership page to learn more about this exciting collaboration.

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