FCS Express 6 Clinical Flow Cytometry - IVD

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“This will continue to be my flow cytometry program of choice.”

- Eric Sobel
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology, University of Florida


FCS Express is the Clinical Flow Cytometry data analysis industry leader. As the first third party flow cytometry data analysis software listed with the FDA, FCS Express is the tool of choice for the clinical reference lab. FCS Express combines ease of use with a host of features that are critical to the clinical flow cytometry laboratory, both large and small:

  • Advanced Analysis tools
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Quality Control Alerts
  • Canned Comments
  • and much, much more....

Why might I need FCS Express Flow Cytometry Clinical Edition?

Why should I consider another software package when I already have one? (ie. Paint a Gate, Gemstone, Kaluza, Infinicyte, FlowJo)
Why did so many people switch to FCS Express?
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Features only available in FCS Express 6 Clinical Flow Cytometry IVD edition.