Share your analysis!

Researchers,  CRO's, Clinical Labs, Scientific Vendors, and Educators all have one thing in common. They often need to share analysis with someone else. Whether that be colleagues, clients, pathologist, customers, or students, the unique publishing features of FCS Express allow you to share your analysis in an easy and secure way that can be opened by everyone directly in FCS Express with the free Reader. That means whomever you need to collaborate with most effectively can view, gate, and edit an analysis you created.

How does it work?

Layouts are published from your licensed copy of FCS Express and can be stored or shared from your local computer, your own cloud solution or ours. Published layouts can then be opened by anyone in the free FCS Express Reader so your collaborators can view, edit, and even re-gate the analysis. It's as simple as that!

For Scientists

Consult with colleagues around the world without having to worry about them having software available to change gates and comment on your results. Sharing a live analysis is more efficient and effective than sharing an image of it!

For Educators

Provide your students with ready-made analysis templates and assignments  in the form of an analysis to let them focus on the specifics of your lesson. Because FCS Express is also a full presentation software, you can embed instructions, lines, arrows and many other visual aids to help students to understand your lesson while they analyze real data. By letting your students save changes in the layouts they can send it back to you for review, grading, and advice.

For Vendors

You can publish examples of your reagents in action with real data so that your customers can see what they look like during analysis. Publishing also allows your potential customers to interact with your data examples directly while customers with FCS Express can publish layouts for you to view for assistance with technical questions and troubleshooting.

For CROs and Clinical Labs

Finally, you can provide full, unlimited Virtual Flow for your clients. Give your clients access to your entire live analysis, not just an image of it. Don't want to give full permissions? No problem, you can restrict specific actions and lock down your analysis with advanced publishing tools.