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At Standard BioTools, we empower our customers to reveal meaningful insights in health and disease, identify actionable markers to inform life decisions and accelerate the development of more effective therapies.

Standard BioTools develops, manufactures, and markets research products for life science analytical and preparatory systems for use in mass cytometry, high-throughput genomics, and single cell genomics applications. Mass cytometry by time-of-flight, used in CyTOF® Systems, is the world’s most advanced single-cell proteomics technology. It has opened new doors to discovery by empowering researchers to interrogate more than 50 markers simultaneously on millions of individual cells, to unveil new cell types, functions and biomarkers in immunology, cancer, stem cells and more.

We sell to leading academic institutions, clinical research laboratories, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agricultural biotechnology companies worldwide.

Distribution Agreement

Standard BioTools Corporation and De Novo Software are pleased to provide customers with access to a data analysis solution for the  high-parameter data files generated by mass cytometry using De Novo Sofware's FCS Express 7.

Under the distribution agreement, new purchases (as of August 15th 2020) of the Fluidigm® Helios™ mass cytometer and Hyperion™ Imaging System will come with a free one-year license* for  FCS Express™ 7 Flow to go from mass cytometry data acquisition to rapid data analysis and report creation.

* Free licenses are for non-commercial use. Free licenses do not apply if you use the product in connection with any commercial activities, which include (without limitation) use of the product in connection with any services that you provide to your clients or customers, regardless of the manner in which you are compensated by those clients or customers

Why FCS Express?

  • Other Software simply produces basic plots and statistics
    • With other software packages you only get basic plots and statistics which requires you to copy and paste to external software packages to create a final result. In some cases, you may be using multiple external tools to generate spreadsheets, graphs, PowerPoint presentations, figures for publication, and R† scripts before you arrive at a final result.

Additional Features:

Application Examples and Template Downloads

The Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™* is a dry 30-marker panel developed for use on the Helios mass cytometer and designed for high-dimensional immune profiling of human PBMC and whole blood.

The assay enables identification of 37 immune cell subsets, providing you with the broadest single-tube view of the immune system from each precious sample.

With FCS Express, moving from data to results with the assay has never been easier. Simply drag and drop your data files into the data list and FCS Express will load your data into relevant plots with the most common gates and statistics already created for you.

Try today by downloading the MaxPar Direct Immune Profiling Assay Template for FCS Express

Need data? Download example data files for use in with the MaxPar Direct Immune Profiling Assay Template.


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Press Release

August 4th 2020

Fluidigm Corporation (Nasdaq: FLDM), an innovative biotechnology tools provider with a vision to improve life through comprehensive health insight, today announced a distribution agreement with De Novo Software™ to provide customers with access to a data analysis solution for the high-parameter data files generated by mass cytometry using De Novo’s FCS Express™ 7 Flow software.

Under the distribution agreement, new purchases of the Fluidigm® Helios™ mass cytometer and Hyperion™ Imaging System will include a one-year license for FCS Express 7 Flow for suspension data analysis. FCS Express enables rapid generation of analysis reports, manual or semi-automated high-dimensional analysis tools and custom report templates. De Novo Software has been a leading provider of cytometry analysis tools since 1998 and provides data analysis solutions for flow and mass cytometry and for Imaging Mass Cytometry™.

FCS Express Flow, De Novo Software’s flagship product, is a popular cytometry analysis solution widely used by clinical, academic and pharmaceutical institutions. FCS Express Flow provides the flexibility to design custom analysis templates, with streamlined outputs into Microsoft® Office applications, while maintaining high-resolution graphics and reports.

“There are more than 1,000 significant publications based on mass cytometry, a technology that provides researchers with extraordinary capabilities in interrogating the tissue microenvironment to explore important questions in developmental biology, disease progression and response to therapy,” said Chris Linthwaite, Fluidigm President and CEO. “In order to fully realize the value of these rich datasets, novel analysis methods are essential. We are pleased to offer our customers access to the considerable capabilities provided by De Novo’s software solutions.”

FCS Express combines analysis capabilities, statistical applications and high-dimensional data reduction software in a single product.

“Fluidigm mass cytometry technology is the perfect partner for FCS Express,” said David Novo, President of De Novo Software. “Fluidigm continues to push the boundaries in high-parameter cytometry data, and FCS Express has all the high-dimensional data visualization and analysis tools required to handle such data without the need for researchers to become biostatisticians or  software coders. We are pleased to collaborate with Fluidigm to provide researchers with new and more powerful insights.”

About Fluidigm
Fluidigm (Nasdaq: FLDM) is an industry-leading biotechnology tools provider with a vision to improve life through comprehensive health insight. We focus on the most pressing needs in translational and clinical research, including cancer, immunology, and immunotherapy. Using proprietary CyTOF® and microfluidics technologies, we develop, manufacture, and market multi-omic solutions to drive meaningful insights in health and disease, identify biomarkers to inform decisions, and accelerate the development of more effective therapies. Our customers are leading academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and plant and animal research laboratories worldwide. Together with them, we strive to increase the quality of life for all. For more information, visit

Fluidigm, the Fluidigm logo, CyTOF, Helios, Hyperion, and Imaging Mass Cytometry are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Fluidigm Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners. Fluidigm products are provided for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

About De Novo Software
De Novo Software is a leading provider of flow and image cytometry data analysis. Its primary product, FCS Express, is used by over 3,000 laboratories worldwide for research purposes, and many clinical laboratories for high-throughput clinical analysis. As the first third-party flow analysis software listed with the FDA for in-vitro diagnostic use, and with a full suite of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance features, FCS Express is the analysis tool of choice for the clinical laboratory. In addition, De Novo Software has extensive experience creating custom data analysis solutions and integrating with large scale LIS and HIS systems.