Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction

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Today, every biological scientist needs to have basic knowledge of flow cytometry in order to better understand other people’s experiments, even if they do not use it in their own research. Flow Cytometry - a Basic Introduction, by Dr. Michael Ormerod, will give you that knowledge. Dr. Ormerod is an experienced flow cytometrist, and is well-known and respected as an instructor in flow cytometry, lecturing on courses and workshops world-wide.

The intended audience of the book is people coming to flow cytometry for the first time. It is of a reasonable length (116 pages), so that it can be read and understood easily. While the book is not an exhaustive exposition of every aspect of the technique, it covers flow cytometry's major applications in mammalian biology.

An important value of the book is that it can be accessed on the web. Most of the figures used have links to the data file from which they were derived. Also, the analysis protocols used to create the figures and analyse the data are available to download for free. These protocols, known as FCS Express layout files, can be opened using the free FCS Express Reader, produced by De Novo Software. Once the layouts are opened, readers of the book can then investigate and explore the data further. In many of the layouts, extra information is supplied, including additional data files not shown in the book. The reader can experiment with the analysis of the data, learning far more than they could just by seeing the exported images.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The Flow Cytometer
Chapter 3 -Fluorescence &Fluorochromes
Chapter 4 - Data Analysis
Chapter 5 - Immunofluorescence and colour compensation
Chapter 6 - DNA Analysis
Chapter 7 - Some Clinical Applications
Chapter 8 - Cell Proliferation
Chapter 9 - Cell Death, including apoptosis
Chapter 10 - Some Other Applications
Appendix 1 - Abbreviations
Appendix 2 - Glossary
Appendix 3 - Useful Websites
Appendix 4 - Safety