Upcoming FCS Express Webinars

Performing Statistical Tests in FCS Express

Monday Feb. 10th 1:00 PM ET - 60 Minutes

Learn how to compare samples and detect statistically significant changes in FCS Express. There’s no need to export your data to Spreadsheet or statistical graphing programs, because you can create tables, bar plots that compare replicates, and perform statistical tests directly in FCS Express. All elements in your layout will update automatically as you adjust your gates or advance through your dataset.

SPADE in FCS Express

Tuesday Feb. 11th 1:00 PM ET - 45 Minutes

SPADE is a visualization and clustering tool that reduces the dimensionality of clusters and data for further data exploration. The short overview video covers the basics of working with SPADE in FCS Express, an easy to use interface for Flow and Image cytometry derived data sets.

Integrated Spreadsheets in FCS Express

Wednesday Feb. 12th 1:00 PM ET - 60 Minutes

The Integrated Spreadsheet feature allows Microsoft Excel-like spreadsheet analysis with direct linking to data and statistics that updates as gates and data files change. Integrated spreadsheets makes analysis of flow and image cytometry data even easier in FCS Express, so join us to learn how to get the most out of Spreadsheets.

Index Sorting

Thursday Feb 13th 1:00 PM ET - 60 Minutes

Index sorting allows researchers to review the complete phenotype of every single event sorted into a plate and associate that event with all sorted and non sorted events. FCS Express allows for analysis and reporting of index sorting data using Heat Maps at a click along with the standard plot offerings.

View this webinar to learn about the new Index Sorting functionality in FCS Express for use with data sets acquired on the Influx, Summit Software, Diva, and Chorus instruments/software.

Antibody Titration in FCS Express

Friday Feb. 14th 1:00 PM ET - 60 Minutes

In FCS Express, you can design a layout that will create a best-fit curve based on your serial antibody dilutions so you can determine the best and most economical concentration of antibody to use for your experiments. Save money and time by re-using your layout as a template every time you repeat a similar experiment!

Analyzing Multiplex Bead Array Data with FCS Expres

Wednesday Mar. 18th 1:00 PM ET - 60 Minutes

Bead capture flow cytometric assays are an attractive, time-saving alternative to traditional plate-bound ELISAs for the detection of soluble analytes. But many times, that time-savings is negated by spending unnecessary hours analyzing that data in a suite of flow, spreadsheet, and statistical software. View this webinar to learn how you can perform a full analysis of this data, self-contained within FCS Express. We’ll learn how to set up a multiplex analysis using Integrated Spreadsheets and Scatter with Regression Plots in mere minutes, and to reuse this as a template for future experiments.

Kinetics Data Analysis in FCS Express

Monday Mar. 2nd 1:00 PM ET - 60 Minutes

Kinetics experiments are particularly useful for examining changes in DNA content, antibody binding, and calcium flux over time. By adding a compound (usually a drug) to a sample and monitoring influx, efflux, or binding of your probe over time, unique information can be gathered. FCS Express allows you to create derived parameters and to display and analyze your kinetics data in an easy and user-friendly manner.

High Content Analysis and Heat Maps in FCS Express

Tuesday Mar. 3rd 1:00 PM ET - 60 Minutes

FCS Express High Content Analysis options for Flow & Image Cytometry enable visualization of your multiwell plate data as a Heat Map. FCS Express has the ability for specialized displays of "well overlays" and well radius based displays. Heat Maps allow you to visualize any statistic on any parameter in a color-scaled plate format. Just like any other plot in FCS Express, Heat Maps can be formatted based upon user criteria, and well-based data can be further analyzed in dot plots, histograms, or related back to the original images and individual cells. This webinar will get you started using our High Content Analysis module with Heat Maps.

Regression Analysis and Curve Fitting

Thursday Mar. 5th 1:00 PM ET - 60 Minutes

Integrated Spreadsheet and regression analysis features allow Microsoft Excel-like spreadsheet style analysis with direct linking to data and statistics that updates as gates and data files change.

These features will make analysis of Flow and Image cytometry data sets that require graphing, curve fitting, and calculations based on curve fits, even easier with FCS Express.

View this webinar to learn how to get the most out of regression analysis and spreadsheets.

Recorded Webinars

All Webinars will be recorded and can be viewed at your convenience from the video resource page.

System Requirements

When joining the webinar, you will have the option of calling in on the telephone to hear the audio, or having the audio play over your computer speakers.

PC-based attendees: Required: Windows® 10, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Macintosh®-based attendees: Required: Mac OS® X 10.4.11 (Tiger®) or newer