Tokens Get You Results

Tokens are live updating text, statistics, and system information from your analysis

Making sure your analysis is annotated correctly and organizing your statistics is crucial for all scientists. FCS Express allows you to insert live-updating text called Tokens anywhere in your analysis. They can display plot statistics, file keywords, gate and layout properties, and even system information from your computer. Tokens will accelerate your time to results.

Keep Track of Your Experiments

Tokens allow you to access the date and time that your files were acquired and other information that you entered at the time of acquisition. With tokens you will never need to enter information manually, or copy and paste, if you have entered it when you acquired your files. Never sift through your lab note book for important dates and experiment information again.

Incorporate Stats Directly in Your Plots

Tokens can be dynamically incorporated into plots to quickly summarize your analysis in place or to create stunning figures for publication and collaboration.

Tokens are as Easy as a Drag and Drop

Easily add tokens anywhere by dragging and dropping. Have a plot with a gate on it? Drag and Drop the gate to insert a token for MFI. Have a data file open? Drag and Drop to access keywords and show the Tube Number. Need statistics from your stats tables somewhere else? Drag and Drop to place the statistics anywhere in the layout.

Customize and Create

Custom Tokens can help you create a custom value for any mathematical expression, allow you to perform conditional IF/THEN statements, convert numeric values into simple text such as Positive or Negative all while remaining live updating so as you move a gate, your custom values update immediately.

Tokens in the Clinical Setting

FCS Express IVD incorporates special tokens that are critical for Clinical labs. These tokens can be triggered by any numeric or text values and allow for real time Statistical Classifiers, Font Formatting, Page Visibility, and Batch Process Action triggering.