Today's researchers need to have access to statistics and results from data as quickly and easily as possible. While standard statistics like % Gated and MFI are important, researchers generally rely on multiple software packages outside of their flow analysis software to perform simple to complex calculations in spreadsheets and other graphing tools. FCS Express comes packed with all of the standard descriptive statistics you have come to expect with the added ability to use spreadsheets directly within the software. Using statistical analysis tools in FCS Express allows you to see your results update as gates and data files change while skipping the copy and paste out to other packages

Perform powerful statistical analysis and generate custom formulas with our Integrated Spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can perform most of the operations found in Microsoft Excel. Importantly the values in Spreadsheets are linked directly to your data, so when you move your gates or change data files the Spreadsheet values will update in real-time.

Create equations, functions, and statistics that update in real time based on your analysis. Eliminate manual calculations for better efficiency, accuracy, and standardization. With FCS Express, there’s no need to move your complex data analysis to outside programs. You can do it all right within FCS Express.

FCS Express allows you to integrate your statistics anywhere on your layout. From plots to custom tables and text boxes, you can format and display your results the way you want. Make your layouts and images publication ready with FCS Express!

Perform statistical testing and regression analysis all within FCS Express. From the T-Test, Chi-Squared, Z-Prime, to Michaelis-Menten and Logistic Regression, see what FCS Express can do for your data analysis.

Working with kinetics data? Modeling cell cycle or proliferation results? Need to calculate the concentration of your gated cells? Our specialized analysis tools come with a complete set of statistical reporting and output options. Make complex tasks easy with FCS Express!