Spectral Data Analysis

Move from spectra to results and back again with ease

Spectral flow cytometry is used to sample more parameters per single cell or particle than traditional flow cytometry but interpreting, reporting, visualizing, and communicating these results can be challenging. FCS Express includes the capability to read raw spectral data from Cytek and Sony instruments, so data can be easily analyzed and reported just like any other flow cytometry data. Spectral unmixing may also be performed through an easy to use wizard. Seamlessly move between spectral plots and standard flow cytometry plots, and take your analysis to the next level with FCS Express.

Spectral Data Analysis

With the capability to read raw spectral data from Cytek and Sony instruments in Spectrum Plots data can be analyzed just like any other flow cytometry data. Easy to use Spectral Unmixing tools in FCS Express allow you to unmix data sets post acquisition with ease

Report results easily

Reporting results from spectral data is simplified in FCS Express with direct exports to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and more so you get the results and visualizations you need in a click.

Perform unmixing with ease

To create an unmixing matrix in FCS Express simply use the Automatic Unmixing Setup wizard. The unmixing wizard functions similarly to the FCS Express compensation wizard making it easier than ever to move from standard flow cytometry data analysis to spectral data analysis. Select your single stain controls, parameters to unmix, and build histograms which will automatically set gates on positive an negative populations. Choose to calculate the matrix and get off and running with your analysis and reporting.

Display your data

Spectral data can be analyzed and presented with numerous density, line, and backgating options to optimize displays for analysis while multiple populations or files may also be overlaid with ease.

Big Experiments? Big Data? No Problem!

You never have to sacrifice the quality of your reports and figures due to the size of your experiments, number of parameters, or number of data files with FCS Express. The easy to use batch processing feature in FCS Express allows you to export at the same quality across any number of samples, to multiple formats at the click of a button.