Quadrants Made Easy

Flexibility and ease of use no matter how complicated your flow cytometry gating strategy may be

Quadrants are often used in Cytometry to divide plots in four, mutually-exclusive, areas for analysis and results. Managing, gathering statistics, and reporting results from quadrant based analysis can be challenging in other software packages.  FCS Express allow you to easily create, move, and link quadrants so you can get the results you need when you need them. All quadrant based results will update immediately as you move vertices so you can easily interrogate your populations of interest at a click.

Quadrant types

FCS Express supports customization of quadrants so you can get the flow cytometry results you need. When populations do not fall in perfect 90 degree patterns, Floating quadrants allow you set any vertices independently. Percentile quadrants even let you automatically set quadrants based on data or controls themselves.

Quadrant Gates

To save you time in your analysis, when quadrants are added to a plot, one gate for each quadrant is automatically created. These quadrant gates can be used in your downstream analysis. Quadrant gates function like any other gate, allowing you to move from populations to results quickly and easily.

Quadrant to Quadrant linking

The centerpoint of one set of quadrants can be linked to the centerpoint of another set of quadrants so that when the centerpoint on one plot is moved, the centerpoint on the other plot will be automatically updated. With FCS Express there is no need to try and match up your control and sample quadrants because they can be quickly linked to update automatically in real time when performing flow cytometry data analysis.