Publication Quality Graphics

Eliminate the need to use multiple software packages to present your data

Generating high quality graphics and reports to communicate your results can be hard with other software packages and may involve using many different image editing tools. When you are ready to publish and present your data FCS Express has you covered by supporting direct high-resolution exports to PowerPoint, PDF, and six image formats at up to 750 DPI resolution. Never fight with low resolution graphics and bulky workarounds again when all you want are results!

Skip the Copy and Paste

In FCS Express your analysis is your presentation, figure, or final report. Simply click to export directly to PDF, PowerPoint, or in the image format of your choice at the resolution you desire.

Full Reports at High Resolution

Your analysis can be set up as a full report including high resolution graphics. Your reports are linked up directly to your data so as you move a gate your report updates immediately. When you are ready to publish, simply export to the format of your choice.

High Quality PowerPoint Presentations

]If you have ever struggled with low quality PowerPoint exports from your current software then FCS Express is for you. Your analysis and plots are exported from FCS Express at the highest resolution possible and individual plots and objects will arrive in PowerPoint also as individual objects so you can move, resize, and format all objects independently in PPT if needed.

Big Experiments? Big Data? No Problem

You never have to sacrifice the quality of your reports and figures due to the size of your experiments or number of data files with FCS Express. The easy to use batch processing feature in FCS Express allows you to export at the same quality across any number of samples, to multiple formats (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, Images) simultaneously, all with the click of a button.
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