Proliferation Analysis

FCS Express uses a sophisticated fitting process to get results fast

Flow cytometry assays to assess the proliferative activity of cells are commonly used for monitoring the health and growth rate of cells. In this type of assay, a cell tracking dye, such as CFSE, is incorporated into the cells. With each round of cell division, the relative fluorescent intensity of the dye decreases by half. Other software packages offer limited functionality to model the data or require you to use a separate software package completely. With FCS Express full descriptive statistics for modeling and per generation calculations along with the ability to fully format your plots will have you ready for publication in no time in one analysis package.


FCS Express provides a wide range of statistics about the results from the model. It is possible to export any statistic from your proliferation fit to Excel, create PowerPoint slides, save layouts, and more using sophisticated layout tools. Results will also update in real time with gate and data changes so you can get flow cytometry proliferation results from your populations of interest immediately.

Custom Formatting

FCS Express allows you control every aspect of your proliferation plots so you are ready to present and publish directly from your analysis results.

Flexible Fitting

Custom fitting options allows you to base your starting generation and background noise on controls while other variables can be adjusted to help model your flow cytometry data perfectly every time.