Mac and PC Compatibility

Seamlessly move between computers and operating systems with your flow cytometry data at any time

In todays environment, users need the flexibility to use different computing tools. Even within a single lab, some researchers will use Mac and others will use PC. Even a single individual may use different computers at different times. Software needs to be able to accommodate these challenges. FCS Express runs the same way, with the same features, on Mac or PC or Both!

Flexibility to Analyze Where You Need To

Flow cytometry data analysis is not always performed in the lab. FCS Express licenses are flexible and portable. Get analysis done when and where you need to. They can be used on any computers you would like, Mac or PC, or both!

Same Features, Different OS

It does not matter if you are performing day to day flow cytometry or running complex high dimensionality reduction algorithms. The same features will be available in the same place in FCS Express regardless of your operating system of choice.

Use on Unlimited Computers

Licenses of FCS Express are not “locked” to a PC or a Mac which means you can download, install, and use FCS Express on as many computers as you would like. With De Novo Software’s convenient Internet Dongle Licenses accessing the software only requires an internet connection.

Move between computers and colleagues

Start a flow cytometry analysis on your PC in the lab and complete it on your Mac at home. Share your analysis completed on your Mac with your colleagues who use PC. With FCS Express you have the ultimate flexibility.

Use the Right Computer for the Job

The computer you use to perform simple flow cytometry analysis may not be the same computer you use for highly complex immunophenotyping, plate based screens or, tSNE/vSNE / SPADE / PCA calculations. Use FCS Express to move seamlessly between Mac and PC, high performance or everyday, and use the right machine for the job.