Index Sorting

Use FCS Express to access your flow cytometry index sort data directly from an FCS file

Index sorting allows researchers to review the complete phenotype of every single event sorted into a plate and associate that event with all sorted and non sorted events. Some software packages require you to load .CSV files and run complicated scripts to view the sort data in the context of the plate. FCS Express makes index sorting data analysis simply by utilizing Heat Maps along with the standard plot offerings while loading data as a standard FCS file. No scripting, no csv files, no worries - just results!


FCS Express supports flow cytometry index sorting data files from all major platforms including Influx (BD Biosciences), Summit Software (Beckman Coulter), Diva (BD Biosciences), and Chorus (BD Biosciences). Simply load your .FCS files and start analyzing

Visualizing Data

Heat Maps allow you to quickly view your entire flow cytometry sort plate in a single click. Overlays allow a user to view up to six statistics and/or parameters on a single heat map so visualizing multi-marker sorts becomes easy. Users may also add a radius statistic, which changes the size of the well to reflect the selected statistic.

Make the connection from plate to cell

Heat maps will display the number of events and parameter based phenotypic data for all sorted events but wells may be gated on individually, or as groups, allowing users to back gate events onto other plots and quickly find individually sorted cells among the entire phenotype range.

Skip the script

With other flow cytometry software packages you need to use complicated scripts or csv files to access your data. With FCS Express, skip the script and load your data directly into heat maps from your FCS files.