1The Standard Operating Procedure Builder

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) feature allows you to create a predetermined set of steps in your FCS Express layouts in which each step can be conditionally formatted with tokens so that a requirement must be met before the next step is performed.

As part of the SOP, FCS Express can hide or display objects or pages based on different conditions of the application, such as the current SOP step or status.

2Permission Rules

Permission Rules allow you to set available permissions specific to a layout. They may be activated or disabled manually or via formula statements in the Permission Rules navigator.


FCS Express allows user to control when objects are selected or edited based on settings in Formatting Authorizations.

All objects in FCS Express may be assigned Authorizations, or rights, which allows or prevents layout users from placing objects in Select mode or Edit mode or both. Authorizations can be set to always allow, never allow, or always allow/do not allow based on the value of a token.

4Object Visibility

Visibility of any objects or pages may be set as visible, not visible (hidden) or conditionally based on a token value. Conditional visibility has many potential applications and is especially useful when creating SOPs when an objects visibility may be based on the current step in the SOP.

Additionally, marker, quadrant, and gate editing can be set to allow, not allow, or allow based on a token to "lock" down movement of these items. Markers and Quadrants share the same visibility features mentioned above for objects.