Easily Access, Edit, and Use Keywords

FCS Express provides easy access to the information stored within your .FCS files.

A flow cytometry FCS file contains a section known as the header which contains information about the data, including the names of the parameters, the amplification method, acquisition date and time and many other information. With other software packages accessing this information can be tricky and using it annotate your analysis can be even harder. FCS Express allows you to view, change, and use any of the information contained in the header and to save the changed information in with the file.

Add or Modify Keywords with Ease

It is easy to add additional keywords in FCS Express. Simply use the Add Keyword option or create an excel table with your new keywords and apply it to your flow cytometry experiment. FCS Express has options for adding or changing annotations and keywords for one, some, or all of your files in an experiment.

Change Annotations at Any Time

If you entered the wrong name for the operator, parameter, stain, or other meta-data at the time of acquisition you can simply change it. After editing simply save the file with a new name and continue on with analysis.

Anonymize Your Data

At times it is necessary to strip any identifying information from your flow cytometry data files. With FCS Express you can remove keywords one by one or use the convenient anonymizing tool to remove identifying information from one or many files with a click.

Sort Data By Keywords

Columns for sorting data by specific keywords and meta-data are accessible to you at any time. Want to quickly arrange your flow cytometry data files for analysis by the time they were acquired or the tube number? Simply use the sorting features in FCS Express to organize your analysis.