Calculate Cell Concentration

Count on FCS Express to get your results in record time

When performing experiments where you need to relate to the original concentration of your sample it can be challenging to find the right tools to accurately and automatically determine absolute counts. With FCS Express, absolute counts can be determined easily by using reference beads, known volume or time. Just gate your beads or have FCS Express determine the volume or time from the data itself and the software will do the rest!

Concentration Calculator

The concentration calculator in FCS Express will allow you to perform “one off” calculations or set up your statistics so they are based on absolute cell counts. Simply use reference beads, flow rate, or volume information from the FCS file itself to get results instantly.

Calculate and report results easily

Reporting absolute counts is as simple as showing a statistics window. Once your concentration calculation is set up its easy to directly export results to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and more so you get the data and visualizations you need in a click.