Compensation - Simplified

No matter when you perform flow cytometry compensation, FCS Express has you covered

Today's instruments are capable of collecting more parameters than ever before making compensation increasingly complex, yet necessary. Having an easy to use and robust tool for loading, viewing, comparing, and creating new compensation matrices is essential. FCS Express allows you to view compensations from acquisition, define your own from controls, and modify the matrix directly on your analysis computer all while updating in real time on your plots

Compensate According to Your Needs

Flow cytometry compensation from the time of acquisition may be automatically loaded with your data or choose your own default to use. FCS Express also allows you to perform new compensation automatically through an easy to use wizard while slider bars are available to make manual adjustments based on your controls.

Auto Compensation Made Easy

The Automatic Compensation Setup takes you through the compensation process in a few easy steps. Simply load your controls, define positive and negative populations, and calculate the matrix.

Easy to Use Interface

Our Easy to Use Compensation Navigator helps you to organize and make sense of your compensations. You can view, edit, and update your flow cytometry compensations with just one click!

Compare Compensations Easily

FCS Express allows you read in any compensation from any fcs file or create your own. There are no limits to the number of compensations you can define in your analysis while multiple compensations can be viewed side by side in any plot. View compensations from different days, compare acquisition vs post-acquisition compensations, compare compensated vs uncompensated, all in the same layout and side by side.

Update Your Compensation in Real-Time

Make updates to your compensations in FCS Express and see the results in real-time. As adjustments are made to the compensation setup, and/or directly to the matrix, your flow cytometry analysis will update immediately to help you visualize changes based on your controls without waiting.

Spillover Spreading (SSM) and Cross Staining Index (CSI) matrices

Spillover Spreading Matrix (SSM) and Cross Staining Index (CSI) matrices are both automatically calculated at the end of the Compensation/Unmixing wizard.