Compatibility with your instrument

FCS Express has the compatibility you need for Flow and Image Cytometry

Today's researchers and core facilities may acquire data from one or many flow cytometers and generate image based data from many sources. The challenge them becomes finding an analysis platform that will handle, analyze, and report data easily and consistently no matter the source. FCS Express is compatible with data files from all flow cytometers on the market and supports many image derived data files. FCS Express also provides specialized import tools and data scaling options to ensure your files are displayed exactly as they were at the time of acquisition allowing you to focus on getting results. The IVD version of FCS Express does not include Image Cytometry analysis functionality. 

Read FCS Files From Any Source

FCS Express is directly compatible with any FCS and LMD data files from all manufacturers and all past versions of the FCS file format. Simply load your FCS files and let FCS Express do the rest!

Import Your Analysis Directly From BD FACSDiVa™ and the Accuri C6™

If you have acquired on the Diva or Accuri platforms there is no need to recreate your entire analysis from scratch. With FCS Express, you can import your BD FACSDiva Experiment files or BD Acccuri C6 and C6 Plus files directly. Once your experiment is loaded into FCS Express, you can treat your plots and gates just like they were created in FCS Express.

Compatible With A Wide Variety of Imaging Systems and Data Formats

FCS Express has Image Cytometry data analysis functionality and is compatible with a growing list of image data file formats. CellProfiler and ImageJ allow you compatibility for free with any images while the Image Cytometry Experiment (ICE) standard format and other proprietary formats from ThermoFisher, PerkinElmer, Molecular Devices, Amnis, Chemometec, and Nexcelom are also supported with more compatibility being added all the time.

Import CSV Files Directly

Any data stored in CSV file format can be opened, plotted, gated, and reported on like a standard flow or image cytometry data file. You can directly load CSV files into the software and use our extensive library of analysis and visualization tools to get more insight from your results.

Index Sorting

FCS Express supports index sorting data files from all major platforms including Influx (BD Biosciences), Summit Software (Beckman Coulter), Diva (BD Biosciences), and Chorus (BD Biosciences). Simply load your .FCS files and start analyzing

Instrument Specific Settings

Not all instruments are created equal with some data from instruments acquired with different maximum ranges. No matter what the dynamic range of your cytometer FCS Express has you covered with options to scale your plots automatically according to the cytometer type so all you have to do is analyze.