Powerful Cell Cycle Modeling

Integrated flow cytometry cell cycle analysis with Multicycle

Often when trying to analyze flow cytometry DNA histograms for cell cycle or DNA analysis, the use of simple region markers on the histogram is not adequate. Especially if the DNA histogram exhibits a lot of debris from poor sample preparation and/or there are multiple DNA populations with different DNA content in the same histogram. When these conditions arise, it is necessary to use a powerful mathematical model to remove the debris component and deconvolute the multiple peaks in the histogram. The MultiCycle AV DNA analysis tool is built into FCS Express to address those issues and is provided free with every license.

DNA Analysis with Multicycle AV

In partnership with Phoenix Flow Systems, we have combined the comprehensive DNA analysis capabilities of Multicycle AV with FCS Express. You can now obtain the best of both worlds: flexible flow cytometry data analysis and reporting with FCS Express and powerful cell cycle modeling tools with Multicycle AV.

Cell Cycle Modeling to Suit Your Needs

Included free with FCS Express is Multicycle AV. It provides advanced modeling that will fit a variety of cell cycles with background, debris, and/or aggregation correction.

Optimize Your DNA Analysis

Multicycle AV automatically detects the number of cycling populations and applies 6 different models to help you determine the best fit for your flow cytometry data. With multiple levels of automation, such as manual and autofit modes, Multicycle AV gives you complete control over your cell cycle modeling parameters.

Comprehensive Cell Cycle Statistics

Multicycle provides a full spectrum of cell cycle statistical output that may be incorporated into your flow cytometry reports, including simple and clear summary, interpretation, and confidence statements.