BD FACS Diva and Accuri Importers

Easily import your BD FACS Diva experiments and Accuri layouts

If you have ever spent any time recreating an analysis, plots, gates, hierarchies, and scalings based on your acquisition software then you know how time consuming it can be. With FCS Express, you can easily import your FACS Diva Experiment or Accuri files to pick up at analysis where you left off at acquisition. That even means you can have the same exact gates from your sorts directly imported in FCS Express!

Import BD FACS Diva Experimets

The BD FACS Diva Importer in FCS Express allows you to import your entire experiment Diva experiment file so you can pick up in FCS Express where you left off in Diva. FCS Express preserves all acquisition templates and analysis worksheets, gates, gating hierarchies, markers, quadrants and plot scaling when importing your experiment. Once you import to FCS Express you can use all of the advanced reporting and visualization tools while never having to recreate a gate.

Import BD Accuri C6 Experiments

The BD Accuri C6 Software Importer allows you to import your entire experiment from Accuri C6 and C6 Plus systems. FCS Express will import all of the experiment information from the BD Accuri C6 Software files including all plots on the Collect and Analyze tab, the native high resolution 24 bit FCS data, all gates, gating hierarchies, markers, quadrants, plot formatting and scaling settings.