Spend hours creating reports?

Create multiple documents of your analysis for many files with a single click!

Communication is the key to science and today's researchers need to be able to export results quickly and easily, often times to many different formats. Batch processing in FCS Express makes reporting and sharing your results quick and easy with a variety of export modes and file types. Create images, PDFs, PPTs, XLSs, and more for all your samples by hitting run. Export directly to your LIS/LIMS at same the time, too.

Generate results faster than ever

One click will send your analysis to PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, LIS/LIMS, and more. You can customize the information included in the reports, where documents are saved, allowing you to always be ready to share your results in moments.

Speed through samples in seconds

Batch process enables analysis of many samples using the same gating strategy. Set up your analysis strategy with necessary samples and let FCS Express iterate through all your files rapidly.

Only export when necessary

FCS Express IVD, you can specify when a report is created with batch processing by defining criteria based on any statistical or data-specific information. Documents meeting the condition are exported without you manually selecting which files for every run.

Recall gate positions with snapshots

FCS Express automatically records gating, quadrant, and marker position changes between every sample during the batch process. With the batch processing features in FCS Express you will no longer need to make tedious manual adjustments of gates to match those of your exports when rerunning or reviewing an analysis.


Panels let you quickly and automatically load a set of data files into the correct plots in an analysis. A layout with an active panel can be saved and used over and over again to analyze multiple sets of data for the ultimate efficiency.

What you see is what you get

Avoid copying and pasting plots, images, or statistics into other software programs to create a report. Devote the time previously spent on these tasks to your science because what you see in FCS Express is what you get when exporting your analysis during a batch analysis.