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Company Profile

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a broad range of innovative products for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets.  Bio-Rad provides powerful yet easy to use flow cytometers to speed up translational research and advance scientific discovery.


Bio-Rad and De Novo Software have collaborated to provide a seamless transition from acquisition to results. FCS Express 7 will be provided with new Bio-Rad ZE5 instrument sales so joint customers can enjoy the benefits of working with their Bio-Rad derived data sets in FCS Express to quickly and easily obtain complete and publication ready results.


Webinars and Videos

View our joint webinar highlighting the intersection between high quality data acquisition from the Bio-Rad ZE5 and getting publication ready results with FCS Express below.

Advancing Scientific Discovery with FCS Express™ for Bio-Rad Data Sets. AAI 2021 Presentation.

Application Examples

Optimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panels (OMIPs) are peer-reviewed panels designed for fluorescent assays. In the example below OMIP-36 was performed on a BioRad ZE5 instrument with analysis, compensation, reporting, and experiment summaries created in FCS Express.

Download the full FCS Express layout template and sample data for OMIP-36 used in the examples below to explore the sample data or use as a template for your own results. If you do not yet own FCS Express open the published layout with the free FCS Express Reader to explore the data and see what FCS Express can do for your analysis.

OMIP-36 is originally published by Healy ZR, Murdoch DM. OMIP-036: Co-inhibitory receptor (immune checkpoint) expression analysis in human T cell subsets. Cytometry A 2016; 89: 889– 892. The FCS Express layouts provided have no affiliation with the original publishers and are intended as a guide for researchers utilizing OMIP-36 with BioRad ZE5 instruments and FCS Express with a similar configuration.


Press Release

View the full Bio-Rad press release

February 4th 2020

Bio-Rad Brings FCS Express Flow Cytometry Analysis Software to ZE5 Cell Analyzer Users

De Novo Software, the premier provider of both research and clinical cytometry data analysis solutions, announced today that FCS Express™ will be bundled with every new ZE5 Cell analyzer sold by Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., (NYSE: BIO and BIOb), a global leader of life science research and clinical diagnostic products.  The non-exclusive partnership between Bio-Rad and De Novo Software allows Bio-Rad to provide FCS Express flow cytometry analysis software with the company’s ZE5 Cell Analyzer, offering users a complete flow cytometry workflow.  With FCS Express, researchers can rapidly analyze high parameter data sets, easily output publication-quality graphics, all while enabling a faster transition from raw results to publication.

Every new sale of a ZE5 Cell Analyzer globally will include a no-charge 1-year FCS Express license (subject to certain limitations). Bio-Rad will also offer existing ZE5 customers the option to purchase a renewable FCS Express license or renew an expiring license from Bio-Rad.

“This partnership provides Bio-Rad the opportunity to leverage De Novo Software’s extensive expertise in flow cytometry data analysis,” said Greg Fisher, Director of the Cell Biology, Bio-Rad. “The ZE5 has a reputation for being a powerful and flexible high-parameter instrument  in the flow cytometry community, and FCS Express matches that power and flexibility,” he said.

David Novo, president of De Novo Software added, “With the recent acquisitions of other major cytometry software analysis companies by different instrument vendors, FCS Express is now the leading independent cytometry data analysis platform. We are committed to ensuring that FCS Express works seamlessly with every vendor’s data, something that cannot be relied upon once a software package is owned by a specific instrument manufacturer. The partnership with Bio-Rad highlights this philosophy with FCS Express making it easy for users to interpret, format, and create presentation-ready results from ZE5 data. Leveraging Bio-Rad’s global footprint for flow cytometry allows us to expand our reach for FCS Express.”