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"Having tested just about every major platform available, I am confident that De Novo Software has the product that truly outperforms the rest."

- David DiGiusto, Ph.D.
Director of Analytical Cytometry, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope National Medical Center

This page allows you to download the latest release of FCS Express 6 - Research version. To upgrade to the latest IVD version please click here.

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The current FCS Express release is 6.04.0034.

FCS Express 6 for Windows - 64 Bit

Download FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry for Windows - 64 Bit

Download FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry for Windows - 64 Bit

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FCS Express 6 for Windows - 32 Bit

Download FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry for Windows - 32 Bit

Download FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry for Windows - 32 Bit

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FCS Express 6 for Mac

Download FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry for Mac

Download FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry for Mac

Download FCS Express 6 Plus for Mac

Release Notes

Version 6.04.0034 - Oct 17, 2017

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Mac keyboard shortcuts for changing parameters on plot to use the Command modifier, as indicated in the manual (56834)
  2. Fixed a problem in batch processing when running print actions located inside a folder in the batch action tree (68547)
  3. Significantly improved speed when performing file merges during exporting (68988)
  4. Improved clipboard operations (69969)
  5. Resolved a crash that could occur when clicking inside dockable windows before the layout has completed opened (69379)
  6. Improved speed when changing pages in a layout that is displaying many statistics (70108)
  7. Improved error messages and interaction in Internet Dongle disconnections (70301, 70306)
  8. Prevented rare crashes in high-memory situations on 64-bit (70367, 70368, 70369, 70409)
  9. Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the SOP window while an item was being edited (70375)
  10. Prevented Internet Dongle idle timeout disconnections while performing long-running data transformations (70384)
  11. Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging files from the Data list into batch actions to export statistics (70476)
  12. Fixed a crash that could occur when pasting tokens into modal edit windows (eg. in the conditions of classifier tokens) (70590)
  13. Prevented a crash that could occur when the layout is zoomed in when clicking near markers in histograms (70694)
  14. Previous, if a layout had a panel applied, and the file list was being changed with the "Defer" option enabled, then deleting a gate before applying data list changes could lead to a crash (70791)
  15. Fixed a crash that occurred in some conditions while editing the User Options and modifying the Display Gate Options for a particular plot type (70850)
  16. Prevented creating Data-Specific Gates while dragging gates inside the navigators, to prevent a crash (70982)
Version 6.04.0027 - September 12, 2017


  1. For internet dongle connections, if the connection is temporarily lost, it will attempt to automatically reconnect (56440, 57197)
  2. The email address field is now required when creating new users for an Internet Dongle license (67774)
  3. New layout version: 653

Bug Fixes

  1. Making unrelated changes in formatting on plots with biex axes caused in rare circumstances the axes minima to update incorrectly (69304)
  2. Made sure that merged cells in a spreadsheet get unmerged after dragging their contents elsewhere (41505)
  3. Fixed a crash that could occur when changing data files that had mismatched minima (43373)
  4. Improved error handling in Internet Dongle communication (68444, 69276, 68396, 68911, 68912)
  5. Resolved crashes that could occur during CFSE and other algorithms (68758)
  6. Fixed a crash that occurred after running a batch process then undoing (68990)
  7. Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a layout with spectrum plots with specific data (69068)
  8. Fixed a crash when undoing creating a manual snapshot in rare cases (69152)
  9. Previously, copying and pasting cells from Excel into an FCS Express spreadsheet did not work (69192)
  10. Significantly improved speed of deleting a set of custom tokens (69380)
  11. Fixed a crash that could occur when moving a dockable window (69399)
  12. Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a layout with dockable windows in specific positions (70095)
  13. Fixed a crash that could occur after starting the program and clearing previous auto-recovery files (69462)
  14. Disallowed pasting contents of text boxes onto a non-visible page to prevent a crash (69497)
  15. Made sure that Data-specific gates will be preserved during batch processing (69543)
  16. Improve stability of dragging files from the data list (69652, 69754)
  17. Data-specific gates now are labelled clearly in the gate navigator in all cases (69653)
  18. Fixed a crash that occurred when importing Diva XML files with specific data files (69690)
  19. Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting a gate that was being edited (69712)
  20. Prevented crashes when selecting certain unsupported fonts in text boxes (69723)
  21. Fixed a crash when trying to assign compensations to data files on disk if the file is in use (69771)
  22. Enabled well gates for use with SPADE plots in all cases (68779)
  23. Fixed a crash when dragging a file onto a histogram with an subtraction overlay and attempting to replace (69809)
  24. Fixed reading data files > 4 GB in size (69835, 68439)
  25. Previously, when copying selections with complicated formulas in Excel to the clipboard, FCS Express could become very slow (69849)
  26. Fixed a bug that prevented parameter math from clearing the entire parameter if there was an error in calculation (69158)
  27. Fixed crashes that could occur after changing data files then changing parameters (69241)
  28. Made sure that the compensation gets loaded when dragging a data file into the gate navigator to create a data-specific gate (18750)
  29. Compensations are now being listed correctly in the drop-down list when creating statistic tokens (57346)
  30. Improved handling R script paths (57469)
  31. Fixed a crash that could occur when switching pages to a page with a lot of text boxes (67507)
  32. Fixed a crash that could occur when adding a data overlay to a scatter plot (67675)
  33. Made sure that exporting data files prepends the correct folder (68301)
  34. Fixed compensation application in tokens in spreadsheets (68340)
  35. Data-specific gates are now always reloaded correctly after reopening a layout (68367)
  36. Fixed a crash when copying a spreadsheet that is being edited (68422)
  37. Fixed a problem related to accidentally changing parameters on plots when using snapshots with numbers in the name (68447)
  38. Fixed a crash when printing or exporting to PDF if invalid pages are specified (68781)
  39. Prevented crashing when exporting to spreadsheets that are currently open in Excel (68870)
  40. Prevent auto-creating Data-specific gates when generating linked gates (68910, 68970)
  41. Increased the precision of matrix calculations (69000)
  42. Previously, automatic compensation did not respect the "remember parameters by name" option (69010)
  43. Fixed a crash in dragging an dropping a spreadsheet cell to a blank part of the layout (69028)
  44. Improved validation of filenames on the Mac during batch processing (69033)
  45. Fixed a bug that caused some iterations to be overwritten when exporting to PowerPoint in batch processing (68797)
  46. Improved visibility of buttons in PowerPoint saving dialog on Mac (68321)
  47. Fixed a crash that occurred in some cases when drawing a gate on a Scatter with Regression plot (68287)
  48. Previously, the Apply menu item in the snapshot's context menu did not work (55125)
  49. Prevented crashes when exporting spreadsheet in FCS Express to Excel if there were invalid rules (67892)
  50. Improved handling of filenames on Mac, including long filenames (67984, 69510)
  51. Fixed a crash that could occur when calculating KMeans with a modified number of clusters selected (69200)
  52. When renaming a compensation, the Delete key now works correctly to delete keys instead of the compensation itself (57069)
  53. Fixed file path-related custom token functions to work properly on Mac (69073)
  54. Made the behavior of Command + Click work more consistently on Mac (69105)
  55. Fixed a crash that could occur when moving gates with few elements (69113)
  56. Improved handling of canceled paste operations when pasting from Windows Explorer (69551)
  57. Fixed a crash that occurred when applying snapshots if the one of the gates in the old snapshot was not present in the new one (69561)
  58. Fixed a crash that could occur after dragging a plot into a spreadsheet to add a stat token, but not selecting a stat (69619)
  59. General stability improvements on Windows 64-bit and Mac (70221)
Version 6.04.0015 - July 12, 2017

Bug Fixes

  1. Dragging a plot or text box from the Page Navigator onto a different page no longer crashes (19378)
  2. Copying objects between different version of FCS Express no longer can trigger a crash (19461)
  3. Previously, dragging a gate outside of a plot, then back over the plot could lead to crashes when Live Updating was turned on (30028)
  4. Fixed a crash caused by dragging a spreadsheet onto a data grid (40555)
  5. Previously, pasting gates into a plot multiple times also created text boxes with gates stats that were showing the name of the first pasted gate only (40906)
  6. Improved the appearance of the navigators when the layout is saved with the navigator open and reopened on a high-resolution display (41410)
  7. Fixed an incorrect error message that could appear when calculating matrices in automatic compensation (42579)
  8. Removed the undo ability from text fields in Format windows because they were unable to handle tokens in the text (56278)
  9. Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing the delete of a SPADE transformation (57240)
  10. Fixed a crash triggered by changing parameters in the options for an R transformation that could occur if the layout was loaded and the transformation template file was not found (57352)
  11. Compensations can now be applied even if the data on a plot has been modified by a transformation (67560)
  12. Previously, changing the default publishing permissions in the Options window could cause a crash (67634)
  13. Fixed a crash that could occur when after changing axis parameters if the scaling was incompatible with the previously-displayed parameter (67652)
  14. Data grids will now properly keep track of parameters by name or number, depending on what the layout options are set to (67846)
  15. Fixed the number of events in SPADE/tSNE to reflect the number of events in the data rather than the gate (67930)
  16. Fixed a crash that occurred when calculating KMeans transformation for certain data files (68006)
  17. Previously, the ForcePasswordExpired field wasn't being imported correctly when importing a list of users via CSV (68030)
  18. Improved speed of loading plate files (68100)
  19. Fixed a crash that could occur after loading an old layout with a heat map, then inserting a new heat map (68272)
  20. Fixed a crash that could occur after changing the template file of a SPADE transformation (68300)
  21. When data files had different sets of parameters, switching files on a plot, then attempting to change parameters could trigger a crash (68315)
  22. Fixed a crash that could occur after formatting a histogram with markers (68365)
  23. Fixed a crash that occurred on some layouts when reordering files in the Data List (68374, 68592)
  24. Previously, displaying regressions could trigger a crash if the original data was gated to a small number of events (68450)
  25. Ensured that when heat maps are displaying transformations, deleting the transformation does not trigger a crash (68457)
  26. Fixed a crash that could be triggered by removing files from the data list and deleting pages, followed by changing data on all plots in the layout (68536)
  27. Previously, when a data file was changed on a plot where the quads were linked to quads on another plot, the quad stats did not always update immediately (68822)
  28. Fixed a crash that could occur after loading a layout from the history list, choosing to relocate the data, then immediately saving it (68896)
Version 6.04.0004 - June 12, 2017


  1. Added a message to confirm replacing a linked gate (16401)
  2. Outliers are not enabled by default when importing Accuri ci files (18557)
  3. Regression lines on scatter plots will not paint to the edges of the visible plot area (42452)
  4. For density and plots, the legends can now display the name of the parameter that the color is based on ("Title visible" property), and the parameter can be changed by clicking the name.(42765)
  5. Nodes in SPADE plots were enlarged to make them easier to see (43462)
  6. Added the ability to create a column in merged data to identify the original file the row came from (56134)
  7. Scatter regression plots now have an Error/Weight parameter, to indicate bar values will be used to weight regressions (56585)
  8. Enabled showing more columns in the User Administration list and sorting (56720)
  9. SOP instruction text can now be formatted (57201)
  10. New layout version: 652

Bug Fixes

  1. Minor tick marks are now properly displayed on magnified axes (15772)
  2. Minimized the number of undo actions that are generated when editing custom tokens in spreadsheet or data cells (16256)
  3. Fixed problems in data-specific gates that were caused when loading saved layouts where the data files could not be found (17565)
  4. Fixed scaling problems with icons and text in the Gate View (18119, 43700)
  5. Improved the display of long folder names when selecting a folder after files could not be found while loading saved layouts (19633)
  6. Fixed the display of the DNA Cycle formatting category after switching fit types (29938)
  7. Fixed the display of the page number token in formulas (41213)
  8. Fixed a bug with showing plot axis parameter names, when layouts are set to remember parameters by name instead of number (56589)
  9. Improved performance in redrawing scatter plots (43790)
  10. Eliminated a crash that could occur when dragging data-specific gates into a plot (53903)
  11. Fixed a bug that caused duplicated plots to appear mis-aligned (56353)
  12. Previously, a bug caused the minimum range on the x axis to be set to be the same as the y axis when they were manually changed and on log axis (56406)
  13. Fixed a problem that blocked closing layouts from right-clicking on the Windows taskbar, if the layout had modifications (56832)
  14. Fixed a crash that could happened when switching between formatting categories (56951)
  15. Fixed a crash that happened when reading data files with the 2143 byte order (57081)
  16. Improved the display of file paths in macOS in the Batch Export window (57104)
  17. Fixed a crash that occurred when copying scatter plot data (57014)
  18. Improved the automatic sizing of spreadsheet cells (57213)
  19. Eliminated a problem that either led to a crash or a display problem in the Transformations window after deleting a transformation (57241,57454)
  20. Improved the way weights were applied to regressions (57332)
  21. Previously, switching categories when editing statistic tokens could lead to the duplicate stat types and a crash (57382)
  22. Improved the speed of displaying compensation matrices for data files with large numbers of parameters (57435)
  23. Fixed the importing of group names with spaces when CSV files to create new security groups (57448)
  24. Fixed a crash that occurred when performing an Undo operation while in the middle of creating a polygon gate (67503)
  25. Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a layout (67506)
  26. Previously, if a heat map plot was displaying a gate, then deleting that gate could trigger a crash (67566)
  27. Fixed an error that could occasionally give an unhelpful error message introduced by the compression of user options (67573)
  28. Eliminated a delay in closing FCS Express that occurred if you closed the Welcome window immediately after it appeared (67574)
  29. Fixed a display problem in the Statistics category of the token formatting window that could also lead to a crash after changing categories several times (67773)
  30. Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a new layout if there was an unexpected file in the clipboard from a previous copy operation (67853)
  31. The PnE settings are now always read with a dot as the decimal separator (67913)
  32. When dragging a plot with overlays into a text box or spreadsheet to create a token, you can now select the 2nd overlay as a data source (40473)
Version 6.03.0011 - May 26, 2017


  1. Changing parameters on plots now provides a filtered combobox (the old behavior is available through the options) (41152)
  2. Internet dongle logins can now be restricted to a MAC address, which can be set by the license administrator (42617)
  3. Improved the speed of inserting new plots on data with transformations (42568)
  4. Improved the speed of using the layout in general when spreadsheets have a lot of tokens (42992, 43030)
  5. Improved the speed of using the layout when navigators are open (30431, 54993, 55641, 55833)
  6. Improved the threading speed (42793)
  7. Improved the speed of cluster sorting (43488)
  8. Improved the speed of updating tokens when there were text boxes with tables full of tokens (43620)
  9. When a marker endpoint has been locked, you can now update it by dragging a token on it, without needing to unlock using the Format window (42474)
  10. Added formulas to the spreadsheet: ChiSq.Test, F.Test, T.Test, Z.Test, Grubbs.Test, Ks.Test, Lilliefors.Test, MannWhitney.Test, SSMD, StainIndex, Wilcoxon, ZPrime (43021)
  11. Made sure that "Use plot that the token is on" is available in tokens used in formulas for plot visibility and editability
  12. In the security system and Internet Dongle, passwords can now be made to expire after a certain date (42850)
  13. Introduce the ability to automatically set the range of data from a list of specified flow cytometers to be based on the actual data (42774)
  14. Improved error messages when loading layouts with CellProfiler data if the data could not be found (42035)
  15. Layout history can now be cleared (40720)
  16. Can now use compensation adjustments > 100 when editing the compensation manually (55645)
  17. In the secure system and Internet dongle, can now upload lists of users in bulk using a CSV file (43525)
  18. Added % parent, % grandparent, and % great-grandparent to the set of statistics that can be shown for data files outside of plots (55682)
  19. Added scaling options to transformations (43785)
  20. Changed the default export type for exporting data files to be .fcs (42248)
  21. Added support for more non-standard PnE values (56905)
  22. FCS Express now runs on macOS 10.8.5 (56283)
  23. Allowed parameter names for display to be derived from a template file (30051)
  24. New layout version: 651

Bug Fixes

  1. In previous versions, outliers on contour plots sometimes disappeared when zooming the plot in or out (42607)
  2. Internet dongle customers can now see layout properties (this fix is available in all versions) (42440)
  3. Improved more dialogs for high-resolution displays (43010, 43123, 42770)
  4. Prevented creating gates named "-" (43289)
  5. Previously, security reports could not be saved when running FCS Express on Mac (43186)
  6. Fixed a crash that occurred when drawing gates on spectrum plots (43146)
  7. Made sure that invalid (non-invertible) spillover matrices from Beckman Coulter data files would not be read (43112)
  8. Fixed the buttons on the classification gate toolbar (42755)
  9. Fixed displaying the pictures in a data grid when showing Amnis DAF data, after reloading a saved layout (42684)
  10. Previously, scrolling inside an options category using the scroll wheel did not work (42123)
  11. Prevented potential crashes in the Gates to Display category after deleting gates (42108)
  12. Fixed the display of paths on Mac when displaying error messages from R (42072)
  13. Prevented crashes when opening spreadsheets after dragging and dropping gates into an invalid location on the layout (41510)
  14. Fixed a crash when selecting an item in tokens with drop-down list input (41244)
  15. Previously, inserting a row into a spreadsheet if values had already been entered caused a crash (41223)
  16. Fixed a bug on Mac that could cause extra characters to be inserted when editing a text box and pressing Enter (41169)
  17. Clicking on quad vertices now always selects those vertices even if there is a gate immediately over it. (41134)
  18. Previously, text boxes that were resized due to inserting grids or tokens were not resized back to the original size after an undo (40842)
  19. Fixed handling $DATE keyword formatting in when exporting to Excel (40702)
  20. Improved handling scale changes when moving gates on parameters created from transformations (29845)
  21. Fixed saving selection as pictures to not shrink the contents into a larger empty picture (19417)
  22. Fixed cutting and pasting markers and text boxes on plots (53936)
  23. Eliminated crashes when attempting to perform operations after the user has been logged out (54116)
  24. Previously, resizing columns or rows in a table in a text box was not undoable (53872)
  25. Data from Sony EC800 files are now displayed in their full resolution (55435)
  26. Made sure the compensation window is now updated immediately after loading new files into the layout (55335)
  27. Prevented a crash by disabling the authorizations format window when a navigator is selected (55471)
  28. Improved handling non-default home directories on Mac (55470)
  29. Improved error handling in the Video Player window to avoid crashes (56038)
  30. Previous, fit parameters did not work correctly when the layout was set to remember parameters by name (55942)
  31. Fixed a crash that could occur while renaming a spreadsheet column, if that spreadsheet was referred to by another part of the program (55672)
  32. Fixed a crash in header dialog related to displaying the combo boxes for scaling (55664)
  33. No longer displaying extra outlier in contour plots at the bottom-left of the axis resolution (55663)
  34. Previously, linked markers were not always moving in sync with Data-Specific Gates (43783)
  35. Time parameter for FCS 2.0 files were not being displayed correctly (43692)
  36. Deselecting the "Automatically calculate" checkbox in SPADE options no longer triggers the transformation to be immediately calculated (43603)
  37. Fixed a crash that occurred when multiselecting spectrum plots, where one had a single overlay and the other had multiple overlays (43575)
  38. Fixed a problem on Mac when using multiple monitors, where dockable windows (e.g. the Data List) that were undocked disappeared when you moved FCS Express from one monitor to another (43526)
  39. Previously, the Cells to Plot options to limit the number of cells plotted did not work for Scatter plots (43493)
  40. Fixed a crash in the auto-update mechanism (56088)
  41. Fixed options window display problems on Mac (56178)
  42. Fixed a crash that occurred when dragging spreadsheets from a Navigator to a different page (56171)
  43. Fixed a crash that occurred after dragging a tSNE transformation into a spectral plot (56286)
  44. Prevented deleting spreadsheet data from the data navigator if they are open on the page (56471)
  45. Improved the UI for Multiple Duplicate and Next to clarify the position on pages (56852)
  46. Fixed a crash that occurred on Mac after duplicating small (1x1 pixels) plots (57048)
  47. Improved the file dialog display when selecting a configuration file on Mac (67510)
  48. Fixed the coloring of 1D gates created on cluster parameters (57390)
  49. Included RUO-specific sections in the Mac manual
  50. Fixed marker statistics to properly reflect the values when the low vertex is dragged to the right of the high (43479)
  51. Ensured that when changing the gate of data-specific gates, the color is reflected immediately in plots (43624)
  52. Fixed a crash that occurred when loading specific old layouts (55560)
  53. Fixed a bug that made certain overlays disappear in Multicycle plots after formatting them (19257)
  54. Fixed an issue causing timeouts when connected to the internet dongle servers (54054)
  55. Clarified wording in the data export dialog to allow specifying keywords to export, rather than remove (56918)
  56. Fixed a crash that happened when loading specific DAF files (56884)
  57. Resolved a problem that led to a crash when pasting invalid formulas into a Permission Rule(56880)
  58. Eliminated the animation slow-down when docking dockable windows (e.g. the Data List) and enabling up auto-hide (56755)
  59. Fixed File Identifier column in merged data files to work properly when data is exported as integer (56734)
  60. Enabled Command+click to be able to select non-contiguous wells or clusters in a gate (56718)
  61. Fixed a crash that occurred occasionally when saving to PowerPoint, if the PowerPoint presentation was in use (56713)
  62. "Participate in Batch" is now enabled automatically for statistic tokens that are dragged into a spreadsheet (56701)
  63. Made sure that in PDFs, the gate outlines are not displayed when printing to PDF (56558)
  64. Spreadsheets open on the page are now shown as subnodes in the Data Navigator (56472)
  65. Fixed the display of the parameter list in SPADE transformations to allow scrolling through a long list (56386)
  66. The Overwrite File confirmation dialog was improved to better display a long path name with ellipses (56381)
  67. If the layout was set to remember parameters by name, then previously, inserting a proliferation plot could cause a crash (56260)
  68. Fixed a problem that prevented adding overlays to scatter plots (56196)
  69. Fixed a display problem in the SOP runner that led to showing extra words (56093)
  70. Improved appearance of data grids and spreadsheets after exporting to PowerPoint (55703)
  71. Previously, File Identifier parameter axis labels were shown at non-rounded number labels (43761)
  72. Fixed a bug that caused multiple statistics to be placed in the same spreadsheet cell if you drag several data files at the same time to create tokens (43295)
  73. Previously, the overlay list selection in the token data source formatting category was blank on Mac (43083)
  74. Fixed a crash that could occur when copying and pasting text with tokens in it inside formatting windows (42428)
  75. Previously, copying histogram data from histograms, then pasting into Excel, put everything into a single cell (42361)
  76. Made sure that selecting a list of files to add to the data list allowed you to add the good files, even if some files in that list were invalid (30007)
  77. Improved the visualizations for drop targets when dragging markers and marker vertices to make it clearer what the action was going to be (40692)
  78. Fixed a crash that could occur while changing data on all objects, if the only item on the layout was a token from a data file (30267)
  79. Can now open ci plate files even when there are duplicate file names inside the ci file (18510)
  80. Improved the appearance of the SOP editing frame (17986)
Version 6.02.0004 - March 27, 2017 (Research Use Only)

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a crash that occurred when creating SPADE transformations (this affected RUO only) (55638,55890)
Version 6.02.0003 - March 16, 2017

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a crash that occurred after copying quads from one plot to another, then linking them (53905)
  2. Double-clicking on downloaded layouts or published files will now be cause them to open in the Reader (53889)
Version 6.02.0002 - Feb 28, 2017 (Research Use Only)


  1. SPADE transformations are available (30241)
  2. Introduced Tiling Options to printing/saving to PDF/PPT during batch processing (42309)
  3. Introduced Tiling Options to saving to PPT (not during batch) (12232)
  4. Optimized database connections, and they are no longer dependent on ADO (30354)
  5. Can now drop a gate into marker endpoints, and a dialog will appear for selecting which statistic to link the endpoint to (30179)
  6. Batch Processing Runner window can now be docked (16911)
  7. In R transformation options, allow selecting how clustering results are represented (18822)
  8. In tSNE options, allow entering the number of iterations (40516)
  9. Improved the speed of working with compensation matrices (41472)
  10. Improved plotting speed with log parameters (41464)
  11. New Spreadsheet formulas available: RegressionPlotXtoY and RegressionPlotYtoX (41364)
  12. Improved speed of Spectral Plots (41218)
  13. Enabled the standard mac key combination for displaying options (Command + comma) (41165)
  14. Introduced an option for creating a File Identifier column when merging data files (41047)
  15. Improved speed when displaying the Format window for plots on Mac (40991)
  16. When dragging and dropping onto a Marker vertex, the marker vertex now becomes locked (40726)
  17. Multiple Duplicate and Next can now be created in a Custom Grid, regardless of the original position of the plots (42290)
  18. SOP Runner window can now be docked (42626)
  19. There is now a Mac-specific version of the manual (43227)
  20. New layout version: 648

Bug Fixes

  1. Previously, if combination gates were used for coloring dots on more than one plot, then depending on the order in which the plots were drawn by FCS Express, the plots may not have been drawn to include all gate colors (42105)
  2. Data parameter tokens that are derived from a plot now correctly reflect the compensation on that plot (43474)
  3. Fixed a crash that could happen when there are specific kinds of tokens on the layout (eg “Current Username” token), and FCS Express’ connection to a database or internet dongle was disconnected (40684)
  4. On Mac, made sure that the “More Colors” selection in the color drop-down list displays a dialog (30390)
  5. Fixed a crash that occurred after adding an overlay to a heat map with a transformation (30327)
  6. Behavior for clicking with modifiers (Command key, Ctrl, Shift) on Mac was standardized (30127)
  7. Displaying contour plot outliers was made more reliable (41226, 30124)
  8. Fixed a crash that occurred after loading a layout, then replacing the data on a plot with a data file that has fewer parameters (30120)
  9. Prevented an error message that could be displayed while loading .ci files: “cumulativeData.txt has duplicate entries” (30070)
  10. Improved scaling of the Data Header window on high-DPI displays
  11. Fixed applying object insertion permissions when pasting an entire page (390)
  12. Fixed a crash that occurred after adding an overlay to plots with no visible overlays (40666)
  13. Improved stability of loading layouts with SRAW files (40624)
  14. Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging multiple gates inside the Gate View to a new parent gate (40711)
  15. Fixed a crash that occurred when inserting a token with an invalid cell value into a spreadsheet (41506)
  16. Prevented deleting from the transformations window when no items were present (41451)
  17. Fixed a crash when editing tokens inside the Options window, in the Plot Title options (41432)
  18. Improved display of text in Excel (Column Mode) action on Mac and high-DPI displays (41395)
  19. Improved display of the Multiple Duplicate and Next dialog on Mac and high-DPI displays (41369)
  20. Made sure that checkboxes appear on the popup menu for stat grids on Mac (41368)
  21. Fixed a crash that could occur during batch processing if the layout is showing more than one page at a time (41361)
  22. Enabled support for log in Spectrum plots (41316)
  23. Improved display in Batch Processing Runner window on Mac and high-DPI displays (41277)
  24. Fixed wording in error messages during R transformations (41265)
  25. Previously, gate text boxes could disappear after dragging a gate into a spreadsheet if 2 pages were displayed (41224)
  26. When editing existing transformations, if you change the template file, previously, the parameter list didn’t update (41214)
  27. Tokens inside spreadsheet cells derived directly from data files can now changes files in Next/Previous/Batch operations (41206, 42711)
  28. Previously, on Mac, Excel worksheets created during batch processing would not automatically open even if the checkbox was checked (41190)
  29. Prevented error message “Could not find parameter number; either the data is nil or the method is invalid” in cases when parameters are remembered by Name, and switching to a data file with fewer parameters (41089)
  30. Previously, when undoing replacing a histogram overlay, the wrong compensation might have been applied (40960)
  31. Fixed unlinking gates via the Gate Properties window (40930)
  32. Fixed a bug in tokens in the formula for Allow Editing gates, where the tokens would not track which plot they were on (17597)
  33. Improved spacing when rotating labels on the Y axis of plots (17735)
  34. Fixed crash report generation on Mac (40794)
  35. Previously, clicking in the top-left of a spreadsheet to select all cells cause FCS Express to hang (40823)
  36. Applying and un-applying transformations, that trigger the plots to change parameters, now including the parameter change when performing undoing (40845)
  37. Improved the way plots handle invalid parameters (40849)
  38. In certain cases, the Multiple Duplicate and Next dialog would previously not detect any available iterations (41371)
  39. Improved display in Axis options window on Mac (41394)
  40. Improved display of Histogram Specific options window on Mac (42131)
  41. Fixed a crash that occurred when showing the startup window after closing all layouts and logging out (42054)
  42. Improved speed when working in layouts with many nested snapshots (42060)
  43. Changed the keyboard shortcuts for Next/Previous data on Mac to be Alt+Left/Right instead of Command (42152)
  44. Fixed a crash that could occur after deleting markers in the format window, also led to markers being displayed in the wrong order and not being displayed on preview (42227, 18577, 42890)
  45. Previously, FCS Express could hang while importing certain ci files (42236)
  46. Improved display of axis labels on angles (42285)
  47. Fixed a crash when pasting tokens into the Title options (42307)
  48. Reduced the size of program dlls (42382)
  49. Previously, if you changed the Title options for several plots at the same time, and some were histograms and some 2d plots, and inserted a Current Gate token, the value would not be displayed on one of the types of plots (42409)
  50. Enabled a new report for the number of unique users logged in during a time period (42446)
  51. Fixed a crash that occurred after linking marker endpoints in a circular way (42473, 42548)
  52. Fixed a crash caused by editing parameter math items after reloading a layout (42477)
  53. Fixed the behavior of gates created on parameters that are no longer valid - previously, in some cases, all cells were being allowed (42478)
  54. Reenabled changing the order of files in the data list by dragging and dropping (42547)
  55. Previously, when gates were removed from TSNE plots, color dot plots continued to display their colors (42629)
  56. Fixed a crash when renaming a gate, if a heat map plot was open but not showing (42717)
  57. Previously, PDFs were automatically opened at the end of batch processing even if the checkbox for opening was turned off (42756)
  58. Compensation for new ci file formats is now being handled correctly (42807)
  59. Fixed a scenario where markers with linked endpoints were not always updated when the tokens updated, if there were more than one marker on the plot (42816)
  60. Previously, markers were sometimes shrunk to the axis after changing the legend options to always display solid boxes (42951)
  61. Improved the display of text in the Configuration wizard on Mac (43085)
  62. Previously, quad text boxes did not always update in real time when moving the quad centerpoint (43095)
  63. Improved the way data-specific gates and iterations interact with each other (43111)
  64. Previously, data-specific gates were lost when changing relatively location of data files on loading a layout (43114)
  65. Fixed a bug where extrakeywords.csv was not being read in correctly due Windows treating the csv delimiter differently in different locales (43126)
  66. Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging and dropping a plot into a spreadsheet cell to create a token, then selecting the overlay # as the statistic (43128)
  67. Fixed a crash on Mac that happened when editing the smoothing setting for multiple histogram overlays (43137)
  68. Improved the error message text when a purchase has not been approved (43162)
  69. Fixed a crash caused by applying Absolute to the color level selection when formatting a density plot (43207)
  70. Fixed the ImageJ Excel worksheet to work correctly on Mac (43326)
  71. Fixed a crash when viewing Cytoflex data files that have no events (43421)
  72. Improved stability on Mac (43625, 43634)
Version 6.01.0010 - December 8, 2016 (Research Use Only)

Bug Fixes

  1. Previously, when the Windows CHM help file was open beside a layout, searching in the CHM would sometimes lead to a crash
  2. Fixed a crash that occurred while sorting the Data List
  3. Fixed a crash that could occur on the Mac when selecting a file from the "Recent Places" list
  4. Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a layout saved with Data-Specific gates, if the original data files were missing and the data files were replaced during loading
  5. Fixed a problem that was introduced in 6.01.0009 that caused log-based color levels in density and contour plots to be displayed as linearly scaled if there were no negative numbers in the values
  6. Prevented a crash that occurred when editing compensation manually, if a blank was entered into the compensation value field
  7. Prevented a crash that could occur when using bar plots to plot spreadsheet data, if there was an invalid formula in the spreadsheet
  8. In version 6.01.0009, if you were updating from the previous version, the DNSEABridge executable was not replaced with the newer version - this has been fixed
Version 6.01.0009 - November 21, 2016 (Research Use Only)


  1. The BD Accuri importer can now import from .CI files as well as .C6
  2. Dragging a marker from one plot to another now creates a linked marker on the second plot
  3. Added a button for explicitly executing R scripts
  4. Parameter Math sequences from version 4 and 5 layouts are now imported into a new Parameter Math transformation.
  5. Improved storing transformation template files so they can be saved with relative paths
  6. Reduced the sensitivity of the mouse scroll wheel for MacOS
  7. Formatting quadrant text boxes now starts on the Contents category
  8. Improved handling of defaults for batch items in reports with field labels, where the field label has not been explicitly set
  9. Signing electronic signatures now requires entering the user name as well as password the first time in a session (subsequent signings only require the password)
  10. Errors the occur while performing R scripts and other transformations are now added to the layout's log (accessible on the status bar of the layout)
  11. Added an option for displaying histogram overlays in the legend using a box instead of a line
  12. The option for dithering colors on color dot plots has been changed to default to false
  13. Added coloring in compensation matrix tables in text boxes
  14. Dragging a marker onto an empty part of the page now inserts a text box and token, like it already did for gates
  15. Dragging data files onto a spreadsheet cell now pops up a dialog for selecting a stat or keyword token
  16. Added the ability to click on gate or quad vertices in a plot and select them even if they are "underneath" another gate
  17. Improved the usability of the crash dialog
  18. Improved the spacing between the labels and titles on vertical axes on plots

Bug Fixes

  1. Previously, when setting up quadrant authorizations, checking was not performed to prevent circular references
  2. Shortcuts on Mac now correctly use the Command key
  3. Fixed functionality for the printer icon on the quick access toolbar, and made sure that the print dialog was initialized correctly
  4. Prevented crash when performing parameter math using templates specifying non-existent files
  5. Fixed a crash triggered by data-specific gates when loaded in a layout where the data files could not be found
  6. Fixed a crash that occurred on heat maps when a gate had points with negative values
  7. Fixed copying and pasting of cells between spreadsheets on the layout
  8. Prevented a crash when attempted to calculate PCA using a gated subset that has no events
  9. Previously, permission rule formulas that included certain tokens did not always display correctly when the layout was reloaded
  10. Fixed a crash that occurred when adding a new compensation while the previous compensation matrix was being edited
  11. Changed the default folder for the auto-recovery file on MacOS to be in a standard folder
  12. Removed the incorrect % sign from density plot legends
  13. Fixed reordering items in the SOP list using drag and drop - previously the drop would put the item in an incorrect position in the list
  14. Fixed a crash that could occur in the Gate Navigator when the option to show plot nodes was turned off
  15. Improved the stability and error handling of the external application bridge
  16. Kinetics stats items now handle their gates being deleted gracefully without crashing
  17. Improved the way FCS Express interacts with MacOS in handling messages from the operating system
  18. Improved stability on MacOS
  19. Previously, spreadsheets changed their selected cell after zooming
  20. Disabled exporting data from spreadsheets using the ribbon Export button
  21. Eliminated an unnecessary Paste Special dialog when dragging cells from a data grid onto the page
  22. More UI fixes for high-resolution displays
  23. Spreadsheets no longer appear in the data list
  24. Prevented adding inappropriate statistic tokens for pie charts
  25. Improved Undo/Redo for changes inside a spreadsheet
  26. Simplified the behavior when dragging batch actions to reorder them
  27. Previously, FCS Express was unable to reopen layouts files referring to ICE data if the data had been moved on disk
  28. Removed transformations from the list of data that can be selected in the Export Data dialog - the transformations can be chosen separately in that dialog
  29. Made sure that compensation matrix tables in text boxes are displayed correctly even when the layout is set to remember parameters by name rather than number
  30. Simplified dragging vertices from one marker to another for creating links
  31. In the previous release, on MacOS a folder could not be selected after setting the data file type to FCS Plate Folder
  32. Fixed a crash that could occur when editing spreadsheet cells after merging cells
  33. Prevented changing plot types on plots that have no data loaded in order to avoid a crash
  34. Prevented sizing from being doubly applied when resizing pictures using the format window after using the Preview button
  35. Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping down the list of items in a token drop-down list
  36. Prevented spreadsheets from changing to a data file when using the Change on All buttons on the ribbon
  37. Ensured the pie charts update correctly if they are displaying spreadsheet data and the spreadsheet is on a page that's not currently visible
  38. Fixed a crash that could occur after renaming an SOP step without pressing Enter
  39. Previously, copying and pasting text with bullet items from PowerPoint into FCS Express caused a crash
  40. Fixed a crash that could occur in tSNE transformations if a parameter had no values
  41. Previously, using the configuration wizard with a network version to select a configuration file that was already saved on disk led to an error message
  42. Made tSNE calculations more robust
  43. Previously, on MacOS, selecting parameters on a plot in a list box that required horizontal scrolling was difficult to perform
  44. Fixed a crash that occurred in layouts showing Nexcelom data after opening an empty template and loading data into it
  45. Improved performance when opening the System tab in the Ribbon Backstage
  46. Fixed the usage of the default folders specified in the Options (previous it was sometimes using the most recent folder instead of the default)
  47. Previously, when plotting data from spreadsheets on dot plots, gates on those plots would include 100% of the data regardless of their position
  48. On MacOS, maximizing FCS Express now leaves room for the Dock
  49. After opening modal dialogs from the Ribbon Backstage, the title bar on the main window of the layout is now redrawn again properly
Version 6.00.0053 - September 24th, 2016 (Research Use Only)

Initial release of FCS Express 6