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Genetic Mutation Screening Assays - CE CREDITS AVAILABLE
Thursday June 29th 1 pm Eastern Time (90 Minutes)
Moderated by - Tanya Tolmachoff - De Novo Software

Spectral Flow Cytometry and Data Analysis Techniques
Wedensday July 12th 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - Gregory Veltri - Sony Biotechnology and Sean Burke - De Novo Software

Join this webinar to learn more about the technology and methodology behind Spectral Flow Cytometry via the Sony SA3800 and SP6800 instruments. Spectral Analyzers from Sony now also include FCS Express 6 which provides native support for spectral data files with linking to the raw spectral data as well as standard flow cytometry files, plots, and methods. 
The seamless integration allows you to move from acquisition to results quickly and easily while retaining access to spectral information and advanced batch processing, custom calculation, plate based, and dimensionality reduction transformation tools.

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T-SNE Transformation and Image Cytometry Aids in the Study of Emerging Model Organisms
Wedensday August 2nd 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - Andrew Box - Stowers Institute

The study of emerging model organisms has a unique set of challenges associated with it due to lack of antibodies for labeling and classification. With image cytometry systems from Amnis, challenges may be overcome via label free imaging to produce new cell-intrinsic feature sets. Additional difficulties may still be encountered when it comes to data analysis as the new highly-multiparametric data sets are often difficult to work with and understand via traditional NxN plot phenotypic analysis techniques. Novel approaches for unbiased classification and enumeration of cells in the mutli-dimensional data sets have been developed by the team at Stowers Institute to overcome these obstacles. 
The webinar presented by Andrew Box will cover the imaging and data analysis techniques used in a recent study with a focus on the data analysis methods centered around FCS Express Image Cytometry as hub for reporting tools and data integration from IDEAS software, Xshift Clustering techniques, direct tSNE transforms on .DAF files and R-integration. 

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