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Using BD FACS Diva and Accuri C6 Importers in FCS Express
Tuesday January 24th 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by Kaya Ghosh - De Novo Software

Importers in FCS Express allow you to use your plots and gates from acquisition as a starting point for your analysis. Why waste effort recreating your work, when you can get a head start? Join us for this webinar to learn how to make the most out of importers for working with your data today.

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Compensation with FCS Express
Wedensday January 25th 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by Kaya Ghosh - De Novo Software

Join us online and learn how to get the most out of the compensation features of FCS Express 6.
FCS Express can read acquisition-derived compensation from any modern flow cytometer and you may edit or create compensation matrices within the software. An easy to use compensation wizard along with drag and drop functionality to apply compensation makes compensation easy. During the webinar you will learn how to use the auto compensation tools of FCS Express, how to adjust compensation manually when needed, and how to work with data derived and post-acquisition derived compensations.

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Batch Processing with FCS Express
Thursday January 26th 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by Amanda Dickson - De Novo Software

Batch processing allows you to analyze multiple files consecutively and to export your data into multiple formats with a single click. Learn the steps needed to help automate your workflow and find out what new features FCS Express 6 has to make batch processing easier than ever.

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Getting Started in FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry
Friday January 27th 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by Amanda Dickson - De Novo Software

Join us online and learn how to get the most out of FCS Express to speed up and enhance your analysis & reporting of flow cytometry data. You'll learn the basics of creating plots, gates, statistics, batch processing, and more!

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Security, Logging, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in FCS Express 6
Tuesday January 31st 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - Juan Vazquez - De Novo Software

Join the De Novo Software team to learn about FCS Express Security System features, with hundreds of permissions, extensive reporting, electronic signatures, and more. FCS Express provides all the functionality for your security and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for both Flow and Image cytometry data analysis.

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High Content Analysis for Flow and Image Cytometry Data
Wednesday February 1st 1 pm Eastern Time (60 Minutes)
Presented by - Sean Burke - De Novo Software

FCS Express High Content Analysis options for Flow & Image Cytometry enable visualization of your multiwell plate data as a Heat Map. FCS Express 6 now has the ability for specialized displays of "well overlays" and well radius based displays. Heat Maps allow you to visualize any statistic on any parameter in a color-scaled plate format. Just like any other plot in FCS Express, Heat Maps can be formatted based upon user criteria, and well-based data can be further analyzed in dot plots, histograms, or related back to the original images and individual cells. This webinar will get you started using our High Content Analysis module with Heat Maps and learn what's new about heat maps in FCS Express 6.

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