FCS Express: Pie charts

Pie Charts facilitate the visualization of relationships between statistics and how they combine to form a conceptual whole.  Rather than export your data to spreadsheet or other graphing programs, simply insert a Pie Chart in FCS Express and watch as it updates automatically with your gates, markers, quads, and .fcs file data! You'll have presentation-ready results in record time. Learn more about how to create and use Pie plots.

Pie Charts work in conjunction with Spreadsheets in FCS Express and include the following functionality:

  • Customizable - Chart colors, legends, and more are fully formattable to user specifications for display or publication
  • Exploding slices- Pie slices can be exploded away from the Pie for emphasis, if they match user-defined criteria
  • Rings - Extra datasets can be displayed at the periphery of the pie
  • Auto updating - By using tokens for a Pie Chart, the plot will automatically update in response to changes in gates, formulas, and other tokens.

  • Please also see our Working with Pie charts tutorial in the FCS Express manual.