FCS Express: Security Features in FCS Express 6

Security Features in Version 6

FCS Express 6 has many security features to help you maintain compliance while maximizing efficiency. The Security section of the FCS Express Manual explains all of the new features in great detail but see the list below for a few new key features.

  • Self-logout - Users can log themselves out from a remote location if they left their session running.
  • Remote Logout by Administrator - The Administrator may choose to remotely logout any user from any location (see Active Logins dialog below).
  • Security Configuration Dialog - The security configurations dialog easily allows you to define:
    • Password Policies: Set an idle time for automatic logouts, manage password expiration dates, account locking after failed attempts and more.
    • Mail Notifications: Set up E-mail notifications to alert you when certain actions are completed. These could include the start of a sessions, failed logins, password expirations, and much more.
    • SMTP Server: Use the SMTP Server dialog to define your settings for the Mail Notification setup.
  • Security Reports: New Security reports allow you to view and manage reports for user activity. Four types of reports are available:
    • Report All Events: Allows you to see the data and time of all session actions and user logging activity.
    • Failed Logins: Being able to track failed logins is a requirement of the 21 CFR Part 11. FCS Express now allows you to easily report and manage these reports.
    • Full Sessions: Allows you to see all log-in and log-out actions during a sessions, including User, IP Address, Session Time, among others.
    • Remote Logouts: Allows you to view and manage all remote logouts for the user who was logged out and the user who requested the logout
    • Arrange, Group, and Filter All Reports: All security reports contain a list of columns that can be arrange or grouped as well as the option to define Filter Criteria for a date range so you can now customize your report for greater efficiency.