How do I configure the MDCStore to save segmentation overlays

Configuring the MDCStore to save segmentation overlays

FCS Express is compatible with the Molecular Devices MDCStore database to provide compatibility with any instruments using the MDCStore. To use picture plots and other image associated features in FCS Express segmentation overlays must be saved with your analysis in the MDCStore. Instructions for saving segmentation overlays to the MDCStore data base are outlined below.

*Note - instructions do not apply to modules with the "HT" suffix as those modules are unable to save segmentation overlays.

1. Open Review Plate Data>Pick your module>click Configure Settings.

2. Click the Configure Summary Log button.

3. Check the box for Save segmentation overlay to database.


You will now be able to work with your Molecular Devices derived images, data, and associated segmentation overlays saved in the MDCStore within FCS Express.