Knowledge Base - DNA / Multicycle AV Information

You can find information about using MultiCycle AV and its models by using the following links:

  • Learn more about DNA Analysis and modeling with MultiCycle with the free PDF, Introduction to Cell Cycle Analysis by Rabinovitch.
  • Learn more about the cycles and modeling used within MultiCycle AV with the free PDF, MultiCycle AV Cell Cycle Data Display Explained.
  • Learn more about MultiCycle AV in FCS Express with our DNA Analysis Recorded Webinar.
  • To access our DNA Analysis tutorial, click here.
  • For a summary of the Cycles and Models used in MultiCycle AV, click here.
  • Multicycle is showing Inter-model or Intra-model errors for my cell cycle data. What does this mean?
    • Intra-model errors occur when the observed values in the data vary widely from what is expected in the model.
      • Some variables to that can contribute to an Intramodel error are:
        • Wide %CV of peaks
        • Low numbers of cells
        • Samples which contain more than one cell cycle and the various cell cycles overlap.
        • Poorly defined peaks.
    • Inter-model errors occur when the Gaussian fitting of each of the different models offered in Multicycle provides highly variable numbers.