FCS Express: Easy to Use Interface

FCS Express was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It is based on the familiar Powerpoint® ribbon interface, which is familiar to everyone in the life sciences. All objects placed on a layout can be manipulated using standard Microsoft Windows techniques.

Advanced User Interface

FCS Express possesses an advanced user interface found only in some of the most sophisticated products available. It includes navigators, multi-page views, page tabs, and many dockable windows.

Office 2007/2010 style Ribbon Interface

The Layout in the ribbon interface on the top works similarly to the one in Microsoft Powerpoint. You can choose one of many predefined layouts to apply to your page. Once you have chosen a layout, its a simple matter to click to insert the plot type that you desire. You then choose the file that you want to display, and the plot appears in the right place at the desired size.


Dockable and pinnable Navigators faciliate finding your way around complex, multi-page layouts. These include Layout, Data, and Gate Navigators which allow you to search for plots and objects by name and description, .fcs data files, and plots gated on a particular gate, respectively.

View Multiple Pages at the same time

With the new multipage feature you can view multiple pages of your layout at the same time. You can easily drag and drop plots and other objects between them.
You can also see in the bottom left that you can change the Zoom with FCS Express supporting zoom from 10-400%!!!

Named Pages and Tabs

You can now name your pages and have the name appear on the tab at the bottom. Clicking on the tabs allows you to easily navigate through your layout. You can also rearrange pages simply by dragging the page name tabs to a new position.

Unlimited UNDO/REDO

With FCS Express, you never have to worry about making a mistake again. Every action in FCS Express can be undone and redone, similar to popular Microsoft Office products. FCS Express supports multilevel Undo/Redo, so you can go back as far as you like.


The image on the top is the original before Undo. The image on the bottom has been undone to revert the text "Great" to "Good", to remove the histogram marker, and to switch the axis in three easy clicks.

Manipulating Objects

Objects in FCS Express support many different features:

  • Copy
  • Cut
  • Paste
  • Delete
  • Duplicate
  • Align 
  • Group
  • Order (bring to front, send to back, etc..)

Furthermore, any object can be copied to the clipboard as a high resolution graphic, for publication quality images.


Below is an example of multiple plots and a text box grouped together. The borders of the objects are red to denote that they are in selected mode. Since they are all selected, resizing one item will resize them all. The same applies for other features such as copying, deleting etc.

Formatting Objects

Making changes to any object in FCS Express is as easy as right-clicking. Every possible action appears on the pop up menu when you right click. To alter your plot or statistics, simply right click on the item and select your action from the drop down list that appears. The example below illustrates how easy it is to change a statistics window by right-clicking.

The example below shows the options you have when changing a 2D plot.

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