FCS Express: Publication-Quality Graphics

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“To "end users" the ability to export directly into PowerPoint is a substantial benefit ”

- Ralph Rossi
Manager, Flow Facility

Most times, when using FCS Express, and you want to export your analysis, you can choose to export it directly to PowerPoint, to a PDF file, or even to Excel. However, when preparing for a publication or poster, you will often need to transfer a high-resolution image of a single plot into a document. For example, if you are writing a report about your experiment in Microsoft™ Word, you may want to insert some diagrams showing your analysis.  

FCS Express makes it easy to do this, by featuring beautiful, publication-quality graphics, using the Copy As Picture function. 

First, you can choose what you want the export format to be:  JPEG, Bitmap, Metafile, GIF, PNG, or TIF. You can also decide what quality you want the picture to be, by changing the resolution and the JPEG quality setting.

Choose from six popular image formats  
Manually input the resolution to customize image size

Transferring to Microsoft Word

Let's say that we want to paste the plot below into a Word document. 

Simply click on the plot, and select Copy 1D Plot from the Home-Clipboard menu.
Alternatively, right click on the plot and select Copy 1D Plot from the dropdown menu.

Switch to your word processor or graphics application where you want to place the image, and Paste it in.

Below is the resulting Word document, after pasting in the plot.

Transferring to Microsoft Powerpoint


In addition to copying and pasting, as described above, you can drag plots directly from FCS Express into Powerpoint (and many other Windows software programs). Simply select the plot in FCS Express and drag it into Powerpoint. The image of the plot will appear in Powerpoint in the graphics format and resolution that you selected above.

Saving as Image Files

Multiple images can be selected and saved as a single image by right clicking and choosing save as picture.

Select multiple images and save selection as picture
Multiple images saved as .JPEG

High-Quality Graphics

Click on the plot on the right to download a high-resolution picture of the plot, exported from FCS Express as a PNG at a resolution of 400 x 400.