FCS Express: Canned Comments

Drag & Drop Predefined Comments

Create a whole library of predefined comments to drag and drop into your analysis layout as needed. Comments can be organized into folders for ease of use. Comments can be edited as needed and can also contain embedded tokens to automatically update with your data.


Create Comments

The Canned Comments window is accessed from the View tab within FCS Express 5 Flow IVD. This window is dockable to better organize your workspace. Add additional comments as needed to create your own library. Insert tokens into comments that automatically update as you analyze your data. Make edits to comments or change fonts immediately to customize patient reports.

Use the Folder icon to organize comments for quick access. Comments can be dropped into predesignated text boxes or dragged anywhere on layout to immediately create a new text box. Once the canned comment has been dropped into the textbox, you can edit the text to customize it for the particular case.

Export Comments

Comments and text boxes can be automatically exported to your LIS so you can use FCS Express as a fully-featured report generating tool.


Watch the short video below demonstrating canned comments in action.