FCS Express 6 Amnis / IDEAS Compatibility

Working with Amnis derived image cytometry data in FCS Express 6

FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry and PLUS versions are now fully compatible with data and images exported from Amnis IDEAS software. You will now have the ability to seamlessly move between .DAF files and images in any plot type within FCS Express for quick and easy reporting, customized statistics, cell cycle modeling, and more.

See the resources below to learn how to export your data from the IDEAS software and some of our newest applications examples.

Knowledge Base: Working with Amnis IDEAS Software derived data

  • For more questions regarding FCS Express or importing your data please email our support team at support@denovosoftware.com
  • For questions regarding Amnis instruments or IDEAS software please visit www.amnis.com

Application Examples:

Working with Amnis IDEAS Derived Data in FCS Express

Data from the Amnis IDEAS software package can be exported for use in FCS Express. Use FCS Express to navigate between plots and images in real time, create custom statistics, and export directly to PowerPoint for quick and easy presentation of your data.

See for yourself while learning FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry exploring the layout using the free FCS Express Reader: Image Cytometry Data in FCS Express or download a PowerPoint version: Image Cytometry Data in FCS Express PowerPoint.

Immune Synapse Analysis and Reporting from Amnis Data

FCS Express allows you to work directly with your Amnis derived data sets in their native .daf / .cif format. Complex analysis routines and workflows are made easy with FCS Express. In the Immune Synapse example see how a complex gating strategy is quickly created, displayed, and reported across a seven point drug titration to create an IC50 curve that updates in real time as gates change.. See for yourself by exploring the layout using the free FCS Express Reader: Immune Synapse Analysis.

Cell Cycle Analysis of Amnis IDEAS Image Cytometry Data

DNA Cell Cycle analysis and modeling is easy to perform with Amnis IDEAS derived data sets in FCS Express Image Cytometry. Use Multicycle to generate powerful cell cycle statistics and batch process your image cytometry data to analyze and archive your results in record time. See for yourself by exploring the layout using the free FCS Express Reader: Amnis (IDEAS) Analysis with Multicycle in FCS Express Image or download a PDF version: Amnis (IDEAS) DNA Analysis PDF. Please visit our Amnis knowledge base page to learn more about exporting your data from IDEAS Software for use in FCS Express 6 Image Cytometry.

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