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“The most important quality of the program is its evolution."

"The program is constantly being expanded, modified and refined to make it more convenient and easy to use.”

- Deniz Top
PhD student
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Dalhousie University

" guys have ROCKIN support! Always quick, always helpful and always right on! Thanks!!!

- Bill Sargent, MT., A.S.C.P.
Flow Cytometry Department
CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories

This page contains a list of frequently asked questions about different FCS Express topics. Please check below to see if the answer to your question is there. If not, please feel free to check our online forums or contact our support staff.

FCS Express V5 Knowledge Base

FCS Express V4 Knowledge Base


Upgrading from earlier versions of FCS Express



The Internet Dongle

FCS Express on Mac

Data Analysis

Loading Data

Working with Amnis IDEAS Software derived data

Report Generation and Exporting

Image Cytometry


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