FCS Express: High Content Image Analysis

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FCS Express continues to lead the field by providing cutting edge high content visualization tools. FCS Express supports heat map plots for displaying plate based, high content screening, high content analysis, image analysis data. Data for heat maps can be generated from many manufacturers such as IsoCyte/ImageXpress™ Velos, Cell Profiler, and more Image Data Format Compatibility is being added all the time.

Heat maps allow the user to:

  • Plot any statistic on any parameter.
  • Plot multiple heat maps from different files, statistics, or parameters simultaneously. 
  • Heat maps can be gated on any gate you like, including by well, and wells can then be individually examined as any other type of plot that FCS Express supports including the new Picture Plot feature.

Gates can easily be created on any heatmap through the Gating Tab (below-top row) or by right clicking on a plot and choosing Create Gate>Well (bottom-right). Gates created on a heat map can be applied to dot plots, histogram etc, just like any other gate.

Heat Map Gating


Any parameter or statistic associated with your heat map can be displayed on the axis of the plot or used for subsequent 1D or 2D plotting.

Parameters can be chosen from the formatting window.... Or parameters can be chosen by right clicking on the axis of the heat map.

Just like any other plot in FCS Express, Heat Mapsare fully formattable, including the six different plate color schemes seen below.

Green-Blue Rainbow Red-Black

Grey scale

Inverse Grey scale Threshold-set a user defined threshold to highlight wells that fall above or below a value.