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More Testimonials

“We are committed to using FCS express for our flow cytometry data needs as it is the most intuitive and flexible software available.”

- David DiGiusto Ph.D.
Founding Director, Stanford Laboratory for Cell and Gene Medicine

“I am just hanging out on your website going through the basic how-to webinar and when I see what the program can do I can only say “WOW”. I think your customer support is really great and I appreciate the recorded webinars that I can view to gain proficiency.”

-Suzanne Hickman, PhD. Laboratory for Neuroimmunology and Innate Immunity


FCS Express works hard to turn your flow cytometry data into results, so you don't have to. FCS Express can rapidly analyze vast amounts of data, with industry leading flow cytometry tools, but we recognize that is only the beginning of the scientific journey. After the basic analysis is complete, you must compile spreadsheets comparing your data to previous experiments, create bar charts and scatter plots to show these differences and create presentations to show your work to others. FCS Express seamlessly takes you from your FACS data files to flexible overviews of your entire experiment.

Why Switch to FCS Express

Do you currently use free flow cytometry software such as WinMDI, MFI, or even another for cost analysis package? If so, are these software packages giving you everything you need to turn your data sets into publication quality reports in a quick and efficient way? Is your time valuable? It may be time to think about using FCS Express for your flow cytometry analysis needs if you are wasting time moving between different softwares trying to get to your results..

FCS Express will allow you to turn any size data set into stunning, well organized reports, or Microsoft Officeexports in a short amount of time. See for yourself with our introductory video below.

Intro to FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry

FCS Express

Easy to use and learn

FCS Express follows the standards set by common Microsoft Office Products, particularly Powerpoint . If you know how to use Office, you are well on your way to being an FCS Express expert. With the same shortcuts, icons, organization and workflow, you will be analyzing your data quickly and efficiently in minutes. FCS Express also allows you to work in Spreadsheets that are similiar in function and appearance to Microsoft Excel with the added advantage that spreadsheet data may be derived directly from your plots and analysis in real time.


Plots Gates Statistics
FCS Express has all the advanced plot types you need  to perform your flow cytometry data analysis.

  • Dot Plot
  • Histogram
  • Contour Plot
  • Density Plot
  • Surface Plot
  • Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Scatter and Scatter with Regression Plots
  • Heat Maps
  • Kinetics Plots
  • Cell Cycle Plots
  • Proliferation Plots
  • Spectrum Plots
The visual appearance of the plots is completely customizable. Fonts, colors, titles legends and much more can appear exactly the way you want.
FCS Express supports all the gates you need:

  • rectangle
  • elliptical
  • polygon
  • freeform
  • marker (1D gates) and linked markers
  • Quadrant
  • Well gates (for gating on 96 well plates)




See our Full List of Features

FCS Express supports a full range of statistics that you need for your flow analysis. You can customize which statistics you want on a per-plot basis. You can also easily create custom statistics tables that combine statistics from various plots and gates into a single table that updates as your data changes.

  • Median
  • Arithmetic Mean
  • Geometric Mean
  • CV
  • % Gated
  • % Gated Parent and Grandparent
  • % of Total
  • SD
  • Number of events
  • % Positive
  • Concentration
  • Percentiles
  • Robust CV
  • and more...


FCS Express boasts a full suite of reporting tools to allow you to easily share your analysis and export to other formats. Our sophisticated, Powerpoint style user-interface lets you create brilliant and informative reports quickly and easily. You can easily batch process through hundreds of data files and export your reports to PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, Word and Text files. You can also export high resolution graphics (DPI only limited by computer memory) of your plots in a wide variety of graphic formats (BMP, EMF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF).


What data formats do you read?

FCS Express can read data formats from all manufacturers.

How many gates can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of gates.

How many tubes can I analyze at once?

You can analyze as many tubes or data files as you desire in a single layout.

Can FCS Express make histogram overlays?

You can create overlays with both histograms and 2D color dot plots in FCS Express.

Can FCS Express perform software compensation?

Yes, FCS Express can perform both automatic and manual compensation operations. Click here for more information and here for details on how FCS Express implements compensation.

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