FCS Express and HCS Studio™ Applications

Working with data from HCS Studio in FCS Express

De Novo Software and Thermo Scientific have collaborated to make the import of results and images from Cellomics high content systems possible. FCS Express is directly compatible with data exported from Thermo Scientific HCS Studio™ 2.0 Cell Analysis Software through the .ICE file format. The collaboration is an ongoing process and capabilities are continuously growing. For examples please see our applications below and our white paper highlighting the use of FCS Express for analysis of Fucci Cell Cycle data acquired on the HCS Studio 2.0 platform.

HCS Studio allows users to quickly acquire imaging data for a variety of standard assays. Your multi parameter imaging data can now be easily exported to the .ICE (Image Cytometry Experiment) format and analyzed in FCS Express or expanded upon using all of the tools and features FCS Express has to offer. See the Export Instructions below to learn how easy it is to export your .ICE files for use in FCS Express.

Exporting .ICE files from HCS Studio

1. Choose Data/Image Export Tool fromSW Utilities category.

2. Select the scan to export and click Export Configuration.

3. Choose .ICE (Image Cytometry Experiment) from the Export Format drop down.

4. Check the box for Include Images.

5. Choose the file type to export. (De Novo Software recommends .PNG to lower saved file sizes)

6. Click on the Browse icon to select an Export Location on your hard drive.

7. Click on Cell Feature Selection >>.

8. Click on the double >> Icon (A above) to add all Available Features to the Selected Features.

9. Click on the Export icon (B above).

The .ICE format data will now be exported to the location you choose in step 6 and is ready to load into FCS Express.

Application Examples

The use of FCS Express for analysis of Fucci Cell Cycle data acquired on the HCS Studio 2.0 platform

By using the Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ XTI High Content Analysis (HCA) Reader and Premo FUCCI cell cycle sensor, compounds affecting the cell cycle can be readily analyzed and reported with FCS Express.See for yourself by downloading the white paper or by using the free FCS Express Reader: Fucci Analysis (345 mB).

Histology Tumor Tissue Analysis

The Compartmental Analysis BioApplication in HCS Studio 2.0 was used to discern between tumor and normal tissue. FCS Express was used to further assess and visualize the data sets. See for yourself by downloading the PowerPoint Export or by using the free FCS Express Reader: Tumor Tissue Analysis.