Electronic Signatures

FCS Express has a complete set of functionality to allow you to electronically sign your documents, a necessary features for CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance. FCS Express allows you to create as many signatures as you wish.

Creating Signatures

As you can see in the figure below, three different signatures have been defined. You can also choose which security groups are allowed to sign a particular signature. For instance, in the figure above, only members of the Pathologist group are allowed to approve the layout.

Signing Signatures

It is possible to sign a document at any time. Simply select File tab-> Info-> Digital Signatures-> Sign from the main menu. A list of available signatures will appear and the user can select the desired signature. After pressing the Sign button, the user is prompted to enter their password to confirm their identity, as shown below.

Signatures can be easily unsigned at any time in a similar manner as described above.

Signature Logging

If the logging features are enabled, a complete log of all signatures is kept. It then becomes possible to see every time the document was signed and unsigned.

Signature Tokens

Tokens are a powerful feature in FCS Express that allows the text on your report to automatically update based on the current state of your analysis. A complete set of Signature Tokens allows you to embed signature information within any text box. Since the text boxes are complete word processors, that means that you can format your signatures in whatever manner you like and place them on the layout in any position you desire.

Signature text box before approval
Signature text box automatically updates when you sign the document as described above