FCS Express: Data Specific Gate

Data Specific Gates in FCS Express allow you the ability to assign gates to specific data files that have been loaded in the data list. Different gating positions and strategies between data files may be stored and automatically used when displaying plots or making calculations when using the Data Specific Gate feature.

Data Specific Gates allow you full flexibility of gating positions between different data files within the same layout. Data Specific Gates may be converted to groups to easily apply different gating strategies between different grouping of samples.

Gates can be easily converted to be Data Specific Gates via the Ribbon.

In the example below, Gate 1 has been converted to be a Data Specific Gate for Sample 3 and Sample 4. The gate remains in the original "master" position for Samples 1 and 2 but changes for Samples 3 and 4 without changing the hiearchy or impacting token derived statistics.


Learn more about using Data Specific Gates in the FCS Express Manual or see the short video below.

Data Specific Gates in FCS Express