FCS Express: Authorizations and Permissions

All objects in FCS Express 6 may be assigned Authorizations and Permission Rules, or rights, at the layout level which allows or prevents layout users from performing certain actions. Permission Rules can be used to allow or prevent any action while Authorizations may be set to allow or deny placing objects in Select mode or Edit mode or both. Authorizations can be set to always allow, never allow, or always allow/do not allow based on the value of a token. Authorizations and Permissions are especially useful when creating Standard Operating Procedures, SOP, as Authorizations and Permissions may be set to allow or disallow actions based on the completion of a step in an SOP.

Authorizations for objects are accessed via the formatting dialog in any object in FCS Express while Permission Rules may be accessed from the Quality tab>SOP>Permission Rules command.

For more details on using these features please see the Authorization and Permission Rules chapters of the FCS Express 6 Manual.

Authorizations are accessed via the formatting dialog of any object.
Permission Rules are accessed in the Quality tab.
Permission Rules may be set for any action in FCS Express and are especially useful when building Standard Operating Procedures.